Maximize the Potential of Your Magazine’s Online Advertising by Transforming Your Relationship with Media Buyers


Nancy O’Brien, Ad Sales Guru and Niche Digital Conference Speaker, gives us the skinny on how to maximize the potential of online advertising.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Nancy O’Brien, Ad Sales Superstar for Aviation International News, about how to maximize the potential of your magazine’s online advertising. She’s also a B2B publishing vet and Niche Digital Conference Speaker for the Media Buyers Speak Out about Buying Online Advertising session this fall in Nashville.

Niche Media: So the relationship between publishers and media buyers is getting more complicated. Media Buyers are asking for much more online data. Can you give us a real-world example of how online data is better now? How can Ad Sales Reps use this detailed data best to get their foot in the door with a media buyer?

Nancy O: Well, two things to keep in mind are that the metrics are SO much better now. You can drill down into all kinds of information. Plus, your number of online visitors is usually much bigger than anything in print now. In my magazine, for example, the website has 4x the readership vs. print. That’s powerful stuff.

The most important data to capture is where they are coming from—by tracking the IP addresses. You can share this valuable information with your advertisers so they can better target their messages to the audiences they want to reach.

Niche Media: How can the additional information now required by media buyers ultimately translate into increased revenue?

Nancy O: There is a direct link between mining your own website info and ROI. You can sell specific keywords and phrases that matter to your advertisers on your website. You can show advertisers the articles or pages that were viewed most. Drilling down into this data helps you consult with the advertisers to focus on those key words that people are searching for that connect to the advertisers’ specific products and information. And this also helps to get rid of all the unnecessary “noise” on websites.

Another side benefit is that this sharpened focus forces publishers to improve their systems and develop even better tracking—so it’s actually a win-win when media buyers demand more data from Ad Sales. Helps us stay on our game.

Niche Media:  Let’s talk about closing digital deals. What are 3 strategies publishers can use today to seal the deal?

Nancy O:

1)    Bundle! Integrated packages are the best ways to close. Discount everything if media buyers buy the whole package—and they do.

2)    Offer media buyers a “roadblock,” where they own every ad on the site for the day. This is much more effective than a single banner ad. Mock up the whole page for them so they can see the huge impact it has—it’s very impressive.

3)    Offer a white paper on your site about their product or services. When you are able to provide 100 interested leads to a media buyer, they appreciate the added value.

Niche Media: What trends do you see coming in the next 5 years? How will the relationship with Media Buyers evolve?

Nancy O: The relationship is already evolving. Media buyers now are wanting to work more directly with the publishers vs working through third-party ad agencies. And they want more quality content—from you. I think the trend is that we are not really selling ads as much as we are selling words.

Niche Media: Bonus question: What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Nancy O: It’s Mac-n-Cheese. Even if I am in a fancy steak restaurant, I want to order the Mac-n-Cheese!

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