Media Ad Sales: “No” Can Lead to “Yes!”


Yeah, this prospect so wants to say “No.” But you can overcome it with Nancy’s tips for handling objections.

“No money.”    
“Too expensive!”
“Timing isn’t right.”
“We tried it before and it didn’t work.”

We can’t avoid them, but almost every sales call with a prospect has them.

I’m talking about objections. And I’m going to tell you why they are actually a good thing in the sales process. So how do we learn to handle them?

Generally speaking, most clients will wage some sort of objection before they will give you their business. When meeting with a client there can be some early warning signs that you will be facing some objections before you will be able to close the sale. Sometimes it’s just the mood or attitude of the prospect that signals early on that they are not going to be easy.

Client objections are usually about fear of change and/or internal politics, or needing approval from someone else, or they don’t really trust you or know your product yet—the list goes on. But understanding these underlying concerns can help you be better prepared for when they do give you the inevitable objection.

Here are some tips on handling objections:

1. Thank them. Tell them you appreciate that they told you about their objections.

2. Try to see it from their point of view and empathize with their objection(s). This builds trust and demonstrates you really want to understand.

3. Answer the objection with a probing question. Ask open-ended questions and learn as much as you can about what the advertiser wants. Sometimes they need to talk it through to really understand the true issues.

4. Show them the value. Since you’ve done your research beforehand, you can demonstrate how your niche audience data can help them……to overcome their own objections.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk about the competition. If the customer prefers the competition because of price, show them Cost Per Thousand (CPM) by their specific target customer. Talk about advertising not in terms of circulation, but in terms of readership. Then show them your most recent readership study.

The sales process is about building relationships. You begin by listening to your prospects’ needs. But you also need to hear their objections. Only then can you show them how you will help them solve their problem and ultimately earn their trust. So instead of dreading your customer’s objections, remind yourself they are GOOD.

The most important thing to remember is that an objection is not the end of the meeting, it is just the beginning of what we do best—sell.


Nancy O'Brien

More about Nancy: Nancy O’Brien is an ad sales expert, Niche Media Conference speaker and Associate Publisher at Aviation International News.



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