Media Buyer Personalities: Dealing with “Too Busy Bob”


Know this guy? Here are some savvy
ad sales tips to deal
with Too Busy Bob.

What fun! You never know who you are going to get on the other end of the phone in the magazine ad sales game.

I’ve found that a lot of media buyers tend to use a “quirky” personality type to get you off the phone pronto. In a previous post,  I wrote about dealing with Mr. Love.

Today let’s meet Too Busy Bob: You talk to Bob and he’s VERY busy. This prospect always seems to be right in the middle of something when you call or visit. He’s always in a HUGE hurry. Just has one minute for you and always wants to talk tomorrow.

Strategy for Too Busy Bob:

1. Tell him you are busy, too. Then give him an immediate benefit from advertising in your publication or on your website.

2. Don’t be intimidated by his frantic pace and actually slow your conversation down. This will calm Too Busy Bob down and give you control of the conversation. Science backs this up.

Next time, help Too Busy Bob take a deeeeep breath.  It’s good for him AND good ad salesmanship. Who knows? Maybe the next time you call on him he will be your Best Bud Bob. Or Buying Today Bob. Or…..

Next week, let’s take a shot at a favorite media buyer personality: “Numbers Nancy.”

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  1. Thanks for the useful – and funny – tips! We are working with just a few media buyers and ad agencies now. 90% of our clients are direct. Any tips for connecting with new media buyers that are interested in our niche?

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