Media Sales: 12 Quick Digital Revenue Ideas!


Your publishing peers shared 12 digital revenue ideas. Which one are you launching today?

Creativity. Sustaining innovation. Most of us are so bogged down in the day-to-day that coming up with that one new revenue idea…well, there’s just no time. Someone’s tried it and it didn’t work. Might cost too much to get going. So many excuses!

But we have 12 solutions for you.

The Niche Digital Conference is less than 4 months away. Each year, attendees discuss the latest digital revenue ideas. Here are just some of the strategies that have brought them success:

  1. Exclusive advertisers: Allow one advertiser on a certain day of the month to occupy all the ad spots on each page of your entire website.
  1. Offer to do video interviews/demos for sponsors & advertisers as part of a digital bundle. As an up sell, make it available on your site, on their site, and on DVD (for offline mailing).
  1. When building an incentive plan for your sales team that provides a bonus for selling online, use total number of units sold rather than ad dollars to increase volume and keep the numbers simple and easy to track.
  1. Use Tweets as a part of an ad package.  “If you buy from us we can Tweet a link to your web site or to your ad to our users” This is a HUGE benefit – do not give it away for free!
  1. Create an e-newsletter from your sales team to your current advertisers. Create a list of your current clients and start sending out an e-newsletter. This should contain helpful hints, links to great articles, and deadline information.
  1. Use short videos to answer advertisers’ common questions. Is there a question that you are often asked by advertisers? Record an answer and create an answer archive. Keep it simple. Jing is a great tool for this type of sales tool.
  1. Use custom Facebook tabs to offer new product launches for your advertisers. Tabs can be simple HTML creations with embedded pictures, white papers, or videos.  Keep the run short: 7-10 days.
  1. Sell videos on your site to current advertisers. Contract with a videographer or buy a camcorder and go to town. Making the video is also a great way to build your advertiser relationships and boost revenue at the same time.
  1. Create a straight-forward, easy path.  If you sell a complicated product with many options, select one for your audience and create a landing page (with a clear call to action) specific to that audience.  They can always customize later, but giving them an “easy button” starts the conversation.
  1. Double up: Sell sponsorship of your digital edition and also the email blast releasing the digital edition to your subscribers.
  1. Create co-op programs if they do not exist in your niche.  Go to the manufacturer and create the program for them, then go to the distributors and sell them on the program.  This is a win/win.
  1. Assign a sales person to call people that send in press releases to your editorial team.  If they have a limited budget and are just looking for press, sell them into one of your e-newsletters.

So there you go. 12 digital revenue ideas to start your week. Do you have some of your own you’d like to share? Tell us!


P.S.  We recognize the passing of Muhammed Ali.  He spoke with passion. He believed in his message and put himself out there despite all odds—and on a global stage in the 1960’s in a mega-confident way.

P.P.S. Learning from your peers in publishing is a GREAT way to get new ideas and build on existing ones. Join us in Denver, Sept. 19-21. for a headstart on strategies 2017!


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