Niche Media News Flash: It’s All About Transformation!


What’s on your niche media horizon? Publishers are trying to stay ahead of what’s coming next in the shapeshifting media landscape.

According to Wikipedia, in the mythical world shapeshifting is a metamorphosis, the ability of an entity to physically transform into another form. In the real world, our media landscape is definitely shapeshifting–and fast!

Publishers are trying to stay ahead of all the changes and be proactive to what’s coming next.

Read on:

Multi-platform morphing mania 
The new world of multiplatform distribution brings a whole new set of challenges. “..Publishers need a few things for this to be of real value: good analytics, monetization mechanisms, product development partners, and fresh ideas on how to create content that is native to the platforms.”  From DigidayHow Digital Media will improve in 2016

Two heads are better than one for some
Two biggies combine back-office print production forces. From WSJ: Conde Nast and Hearst form joint venture for print magazines’ back office operations.

New print ad program to the max!
After MPA unveiled its “Print Magazine Sales Guarantee” model, interest among big publishers appears to be spreading. Could it work for niche publishers, too? From Folio: Major publishers bet on the power of print ads with money back guarantee

Know when to fold ’em
Linkedin loser–new ad network shuts down, too costly too develop fully. From Ad Age: Linkedin shuts ad network just 12 months after open.

Digital measurement change-up
Canadian AAM implements a new circulation category called “Multi-Title Digital Programs” to reflect the growth of unlimited access digital magazines. From Masthead Online: New measurement program for digital

TV screen looks just like a magazine page–no, really
And instead of a “binge” series, the TV show is once a week–like a magazine subscription. Interesting twist about an actual magazine that becomes something entirely different in the hands of another media company. From Amazon’s New Yorker presents the future of magazines as television

We’ll leave you with this: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” –Charles Darwin


Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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