Niche Publishing Management: 6 Top Tips for Revenue Diversity!


Here’s some top tips for niche publishers on expanding their revenue diversity.

With the transformation of magazines into multi-channel media brands, there is greater opportunity for new kinds of revenue. Working across platforms is not a choice–it’s a necessity. But the flip side is there is also far more demand for successful ideas and product development.

Jim Sulecki, one of our expert speakers at the Niche Media Conference this year, inspired our audience of creative niche publishers to find the best ways to maximize these new revenue streams.

Here are some quick highlights from Jim’s presentation on expanding your revenue diversity:

1. Niche your niche! The offspring can generate more revenue than the “mother.” For example, Vegetable Grower magazine spawned Greenhouse Grower that evolved into a Spanish edition.

2. Spin off vertically within your same product. You have the economies of scale, maybe even the same staff. Stay in scope, don’t allow mission creep. And the product must be differentiated!

3. Prioritize ideas. Beware of “pet projects.” Someone has to play traffic cop. Find the balance between empowering employees and practicality.

4. Stay within scope. This is especially important for developmental and custom projects. Watch out for the “But this client is spending $XXX with us!” argument.

5. Coordinate ACROSS platforms. Vertical excellence is needed, but horizontal consistency can make a product / project sing! Expand horizontally–“next door” markets. Expand vertically by finding new demographic strata within your core market. Think core market needs, then platforms.

6. Harness the power of co-workers’ ideas and get buy-in. Reckon with the time and money to get something new off the ground, which is usually 30% more than originally estimated. Judge by results. “Brand-building” sounds good, but…must…produce…measurable…results!


Editor’s note: To learn more, you can download Jim’s full presentation here: A dozen or more new revenue ideas for publishers–and tips on how to pull them off! 


picture-616 More about Jim: Jim Sulecki is Corporate Content Director at Meister Media Worldwide, an organization of 11 print, online and event business media properties serving U.S. and global audiences in commercial horticulture and agriculture. In 2009 he was named “Top Innovator in Business Publishing: Online Executives” by BtoB Media Business magazine.




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