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Are you up on new developments in publishing? Stop monkeying around and read on.

We live in a media world where magazines are making radical moves–dropping print ads altogether, constantly launching new branded products and even making the ’80s new again. Even a distribution strategy that avoids the post office and uses a barge. (No kidding.)

Here’s the latest buzz in publishing:

Health magazine loses significant ad weight
Former flagship mag makes new moves, including dropping print ads, a paywall of sorts and more paid content. From Ad Age:  Prevention magazine takes radical step: No print ads

Do your readers view you more on a desktop, ipad or smart phone? 
Better know the answer. A new report just released by comScore, from WirelessWeek:

“Desktop’s share dropped from 47 percent in 2013 to 35 percent in 2015, while smartphone (tablets included) rose to 65 percent of our time-consuming digital media.”

Although digital media is a big umbrella, the stats are compelling.  Death of Desktop: 65% of Digital Media Consumed on Mobile

Brand Can, Can, Can….
From PR Newswire: Parent magazine launches a new baby—the beautiful, natural brand extension of their niche: Pregnancy Confidential podcast

Practice what you print
Following National Geographic‘s lead in using recycled paper—is it a trend for niche magazines too? From PR Newswire: Campaign urges Smithsonian Magazine to begin using recycled paper

All dressed up
Glossy, elegant 80-page Leaf magazine in multiple regions across the country. No trouble finding advertisers, but distribution can be tricky. From Not your creepy uncle’s pot mag

They’ve got the beat
Magazine too focused on only pop music icons? Guess again.

“Our job is simple: we just take notice, and write about what they’re doing now, the value of what they did then, and how they’ve influenced what happened since.”

Sounds like the secret to niched-out content creation to us. From Meet the Founder and Editor-at-Large of Classic Pop magazine Ian Peel



Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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