Publishing Insights: Live from the Niche Digital Conference


Here’s what niche publishing professionals are buzzing about at the Niche Digital Conference–happening now!

Some of the brightest minds in niche magazine publishing are sharing their insights this week at the Niche Digital Conference in Minneapolis. Couldn’t make it this year? Well, here’s a collection of insights from the conference. Check back soon – we’ll keep adding great ideas as they roll in!

Peter Sprague, Chairman, Premier Media Holdings / Premier Guitar: Partnerships can be incredibly beneficial for niche magazine/media companies, but most end in failure early on. Here are 10 things that can you make your partnerships last and generate the most mutual benefit:

  1. Previous success working together
  2. Entry Plan
  3. Both parties believe in partnership
  4. Strong fit of senior personalities and styles
  5. Aligned objectives and commitment
  6. Compatible skills
  7. Agreement on what constitutes success and failure
  8. Agreement on governance and ongoing adjustments
  9. Relentless communication
  10. Exit plan

Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News: What do you do when a customer says “no”? Well, you need to get to the heart of the objection. Usually the REAL basis of the objection is one of the following:

  • Fear of change – don’t want to change
  • Complacency – I’m fine with what I’m doing
  • Trust – they don’t know you well enough
  • Relationships with competitors – internal politics
  • Need approval from some one else
  • Perceptions
  • Lack of knowledge

Get to the heart of the matter and you can really begin to show them the value of advertising with you and counter the objection!

Mike Bannan, COO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association: 8 things to keep in mind when creating video to maximize “shareability” value: Be attractive (good thumbnail/poster frame), be easily shareable, be short, be controversial, be emotional, tie to other content, be simple, and have a reason to exist! Achieve all 8 qualities and your magazine’s video content will take off!

Andy Clurman, President & COO of Active Interest Media: How do you build a great digital edition and magazine app? Create incentives to get your magazine’s team involved! He offered a $10,000 prize to his staff for the team that built the best magazine app. 5 teams competed, the magazine staff were all deeply invested, and Active Interest Media wound up with a fantastic app!

Cathy Williams, President & Publisher, The Washingtonian: Create new revenue opportunities for your magazine content online by moving your web strategy from “field of dreams” (If we build it, they will come!) to “If you can sell it, we will build it!”

Stuart Hochwert, President of Prime Publishing: Turn your editors into audience / marketing experts! Test out content with sidebars in your e-newsletters, then build out the popular content with articles, keyword pages, and then e-books to own search in that niche!

Kyle Shay, Director of Engagement, Annex Business Media: Learn to read the Story of the Numbers… Here’s an example…

We see that Time Spent on Site for each sector is similar… with Desktop and Tablet very close. This means that our existing website framework is working pretty well for tablet users, this story is about them… its about the fact that mobile users are not being engaged enough and that something needs to be fixed.

In this case, mobile adaptive design. Spend the precious resources you have to where it is needed the most… the existing userbase of tablets are ok with the desktop version of the site… what needs to be fixed is the mobile experience.

We are not engaging our mobile device users and they are leaving quickly.







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