Sales Management Revolution: Financial Times Rolls Out Cost per Hour Advertising


Are niche publishers going to ride the new CPH wave or stick with the CPM model?

Check out this recent article in Ad Age about how the Financial Times has officially rolled out a CPH (cost per hour) metric, where advertisers pay for “attention time,” thus shattering the impression-based CPC (cost per click) model.

Financial Times selling long-form display ads

What else can niche publishers learn from the Financial Times’ big new advertising play?

  1. Test, test, test!

Whether testing the advertising waters in “launch mode” with a new magazine or shaking up your existing pricing structure, you must test the heck out of it! Financial Times tested out their new CPH model on advertisers before a full roll out. They worked the program with many selected brands, including Microsoft and iShare, who have already renewed their contracts.

  1. Niche your niche!

“…Financial Times seeks to charge some advertisers by the number of hours their ads appear in front of certain segments of readers.” Whether you adopt CPH or stay with CPM, always try to drill down deep into specific audiences within your niche and market them. The publisher with the most targeted segments wins, don’t you agree?

  1. Long-form content in digital advertising can be profitable.

When long form is done right and truly connects with your audience members, it can develop into commerce opportunities not normally associated with the typical 15 or 30-second ad. In addition, when a niche audience is captivated by a 20-minute video, for example, the likelihood they will share it with others increases exponentially.

And thanks to the internet of everything, most people, including niched-out audiences, want to consume advertising in even more targeted, concentrated doses. Ah, the beauty of already being niche!

What do you think of CPH vs CPM? Is it just a big toe dip in the water or a defining new wave in digital advertising?

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Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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