Stop Dealing with the Jerk Advertisers! (And Sell More Ads!!!)


Stop the madness! Sell more ads by ditching bad apples.

I’m going to tell you something that will blow your mind:  If you want to sell more advertising and sponsorships, you’ve got to drop 4 or 5 advertisers.

I know it doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Hey, times are tough you want to get every last advertising crumb you can.  Right?  Wrong!!

My experience is there are 4 or 5 advertisers you deal with that drain all your time and energy.

You know who they are:
1.   Not nice to deal with.
2.   Totally unappreciative of anything you do for them. In fact, the more you do the more they want.
3.   Always delaying in sending you their material.
4.   Wanting deals.
5.   Paying late.

I’m describing the nightmare advertisers that we all have.  The problem is that these 4 or 5 bad seeds are taking up 25% of your time and mental energy — and you don’t even recognize it.

You’ve got to STOP THE MADNESS.  Just stop working with them.  It’s the BEST move you can make.

Do you recognize any of these tactics?    The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations.

I started doing this years ago.  I now dedicate my time to working with many more new prospects. Many of these advertisers have ended up being good clients that I would never even have found before because of lack of time to prospect.

And I’m a nicer person when I go home to my loved ones.  Yes, we all win!

(EXCEPT those jerky advertisers, who are still out there somewhere, sucking the life out of any of my competitors that still try to deal with them.)

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