Success Story of the Month: Lessiter Publications Takes Business on the Road with The Magazine Manager

Like most people in the niche publishing world, Lessiter Publications’ President Mike Lessiter wears a lot of hats: manager, sales person, publisher, brand ambassador, and more.  Using The Magazine Manager’s online publication management system to track his team, from initial sales calls to proposals to ad order entry and confirmations, has helped Mike build a better organization and stay informed with sales from the road while reducing his and his staff’s workload.

Lessiter Publications was founded by editors on a paid-subscription model, so editorial quality has always been first priority. Over 30 years, they’ve expanded from their agricultural roots to add the Equine Health and Team Sports Divisions and today have a host of revenue-generating newsletters, magazines, websites, email newsletters and events. Using The Magazine Manager since 2009 has helped this passionate group get better at ad sales and customer relationships by making a wealth of data available instantly.

The Magazine Manager allows Mike to look at sales activity – number of calls, dollars and pages booked, and read notes of logged calls – to keep his team on track. Mike is pretty enthusiastic about the change: “Instant access to call logs means that if our publishers know something crucial to a sales discussion with a client, we can step into the rep’s office and share it – we can add value to the sales team. I do this several times a day now with my sales team.”

Because The Magazine Manager is a web-based solution Mike can look at sales statistics daily bookings and position availability while making it easier to take the mystery out of what various programs and methods work and don’t. Plus, an online database is crucial to Mike being as productive out of the office as in it, too. “It is great to be able to pull up contracts and contacts on The Magazine Manager’s password-protected mobile site right on my iPhone,” he said. He also likes the ability to directly book and confirm orders while on the road. Prior to 2009, these things had to wait until the rep could turn in the orders to the Ad Services Manager.


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Success Story of the Month: Lessiter Publications Takes Business on the Road with The Magazine Manager

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