Summer of Niche: A Surprising Way to Lengthen the Life of Your Magazine Content!

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Luxe Beat Magazine tells us how they extended the life of their content successfully.

Yes, everything has changed in publishing–and that means many sound ideas come full circle. Get ready to embrace the new AND the old.

This week’s Summer of Niche great idea comes from Executive Editor Maralyn D. Hill and Editor-in-Chief Sherrie Wilkolaski of Luxe Beat Magazine. They have come up with a surprising and profitable way to expand and deepen the connection to their magazine content…….with books!    

Marilyn and Sherrie tell us how they did it:

“As a monthly publication, our team at Luxe Beat Magazine comes across so many story opportunities. What better way to expand our reach than with books? We took a look at some of our most popular categories of interest and have pulled together several special issue books that will be highlighting specific topics, such as fashion, luxury destination, culinary, etc. 

Our goal is to publish four books per year, ideally once a quarter. We’re including advertising in the back of the book and allow advertisers to be featured throughout the book via customized interviews that feature their specific property, fashion line or restaurant recipes.

The books will be available at bookstores, on and other via other book retailers. The book will be in both print and eBook format and we’ll be giving copies of the books away at various A-List events.”

The results?

We launched Luxe Beat Magazine at the International Emmy’s in November 2013 and will be using the same marketing strategy with the books. It’s an incredible way to re-purpose content, expose the business to advertisers who do not have magazine budgets, but do have promotional money to spend, so we have been able to bring in advertisers that would not normally advertise in the magazine.

Plus, it’s a product that will be available for more than one issue. We already know that advertisers and featured interviewees will want to continue to promote their inclusion in the book, even after the release. 

 If you readers want to know where they can get help setting up their book program, they can go to”

Thanks, Maralyn and Sherrie, for sharing yet another great idea for niche magazine publishers!


More about Maralyn and Sherrie:

Maralyn Dennis Hill is Executive Editor of Luxe Beat Magazine and was born to travel and loves to tell the tale. As a professional travel and food, writer, Maralyn is intrigued by all aspects of spa and culinary tourism.

Sherrie Wilkolaski is Editor-in-Chief and Managing Partner of Luxe Beat Magazine. As the founder and president of Author’s Boutique and PubSmart, Sherrie Wilkolaski is a Renaissance woman in the publishing industry.


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