Niche Thanksgiving 2015: What’s new with you?

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and to remember all the reasons we are grateful. At Niche Media HQ, we so appreciate our niche magazine publishing audience and our conference attendees. We get to work with really cool, creative people who are constantly changing and innovating and improving–what’s better than that?   images

We polled some dynamic keynotes, some niche magazine publishers and our Niche Team on why they give thanks in 2015:

Andrew Davispicture-66, Global keynote speaker and author: “This year, I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving on the Oregon Coast where we’ll be drinking some wonderful Willamette Valley wine with our turkey dinner to celebrate, the release of my Mother’s first novel, Whitewashed Jacarandas.” 

Carl LandauCarl Landau, Grand Poobah, Niche Media HQ:  “I just realized about two months ago that our 2016 Niche Media Conference is our 10th annual. I’m thankful for two reasons, One, I feel we have made a positive impact, maybe we’ve made a difference in the magazine publishing business. We’ve given a voice to the niche publisher who plays such an important role in the lives of our passionate and loyal audiences. Second, I’m grateful that I still have the enthusiasm I had 10 years ago and can make a living doing something I truly enjoy. Thank you Niche Nation!!!”

picture-20Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing World: “This year we are spending the holiday with family in North Carolina…a 10-hour road-trip from Cleveland.  Along the way, we’ll be stopping at any retail stores that sell orange clothing.”

picture-192Bill Thompson III: Co-publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest:Contrary to the ugly Internet rumors and the recent “expose” on 60 Minutes, we birders DO eat turkey for Thanksgiving. However, we choose free-range, open-minded, home-schooled turkeys, who listen to classical music on NPR and who have decided—of their own free will—to donate themselves to our sustenance. My family will be taking the crazy train to Maine for Thanksgiving to see our daughter Phoebe who is in college there. She’s trying to start a similar breeding program with lobsters. This year I’m thankful for the successful events we held in 2015. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving in New England with our daughter Phoebe and my wife’s family. I’ll miss my mom’s turkey gravy, though. Because it’s ALL about the gravy, baby.”

picture-132Nancy O’Brien, Associate Publisher of Aviation International News and conference director:I’m thankful this year that I have a new home in a new city near family where we can celebrate the holidays together. And this Thanksgiving, as is true every day of every year, I’m thankful for my great job that is always rewarding, my health, my friends both near and far, my two sons of which I am very proud and my incredible husband who makes my life easy.  Life is good and Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on just how luck I am.”

Ryan_Dohrn_New_2013Ryan Dohrn, Sales expert, conference director, author and speaker: “I am thankful for the opportunity to travel abroad and train ad sales teams in many unique cultures.  I love the media business and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. Being a small business owner allows me the ability to spend more time with my family than most corporate business people.  This is a blessing I don’t take for granted.”

Robyn_New_webRobyn Ireland, Operations Manager/Swiss army knife: “I’m thankful that I’m getting to spend Thanksgiving 2015 with my very own teeny tiny human! Being with her has reminded me to slow down and be present…something that is really important when I’m wearing my Niche hat as well. I can accomplish in 4 focused, calm, present hours what takes 8 when I feel scattered, rushed, and distracted, but it is easy to forget that when we put on back-to-back events and deadlines stack up!”

a82d2428-b4e0-44c4-9892-c6d39cf13cd1Andrea, Graphic designer: “New this year? I recently moved from Davis to Sacramento and I am totally enjoying being back in midtown. And this is the first Thanksgiving since being divorced that I am in a great relationship.”


Scott Kugler webScott Kugler, Conference coordinator and dedicated cat-herder: “What’s new?! I don’t think anything is “new”, but if you want to know what I’m thankful for…I’m thankful for the hair I still have on my head. The great co-workers I get to work with and the fact that we were just back in NOLA for Niche EventFest!”

Embry-pic (1)Karen Embry, Research: “I’m incredibly thankful that my 3-year old daughter is becoming more independent and engaging with the world around her in exciting new ways. Professionally, I’m thankful to be living in this moment in which technology allows us to collaborate and work as a team online. I have been able to continue to be a part of the amazing Niche team, even after relocating to the Pacific Northwest. Our options are no longer limited by location. While I can’t get access to the California sunshine that I often miss, the zany Niche team is always just a click away via blog posts, podcasts, Facebook, and Carl’s never-ending onslaught of emails!”

Diana Landau, Niche Content WranglerDiana Landau, Chief Content Wrangler: “I’m grateful to wrangle and create content for a living and really enjoy working with the Niche team. Plus the Grand Poobah’s kinda cute. What’s new? I ordered a Bourbon Red Turkey for the first time, can hardly wait to try it. “

To all in the Niche Media Nation, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be back here on Monday, November 30th.


About this blogger: Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. Diana is a food, wine, art and SF Giants enthusiast…who sometimes gets carried away.


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