The 12 Days of….Revenue Generation for Niche Media Companies!

Ho Ho Ho! New year, new ideas and new revenue streams right around the corner!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my niche publisher gave to me; One fantastic CRM, two new live events, three new partnerships, four new recruits, five golden revenue streams! Six social media successes, seven branded videos, eight techy tools, nine awards, 10 increased traffic rates, 11 data profit centers and an ROI that fills everyone with glee……

Here’s 12 days of revenue generation for niche media companies:

1. Vet your list! Your list is one of the most important parts of your marketing and prospecting programs. Make sure your database is continually updated and get rid of old addresses. Always be on the prospect for new contacts Take it a step further– Segmentation for fun and profit!

2. Grow your audience database. Offer something in return for email addresses. You can offer access to premium/gated content, e-newsletter subscriptions, branded products or discounts, etc. Expanded audience=more revenue.

3. Don’t undersell the importance and value of your first party data.  Your community represents a premium audience for the advertisers in the niche you represent. The “first-party” data you collect as these visitors spend time on your website and share information with you is the real gold for audience targeting and other advanced ad products and services.

4. Have your advertisers use custom URLs to track success.  Review Google analytics direct traffic, which can account for as much as 20% of the total. You want to make sure you get credit for the traffic that your magazine drives to an advertiser’s website. Show them the stats to get them to commit to more advertising.

5. Website tweak: Take into consideration the spacing for the advertising spots–and make it a priority.  Make sure that the sizing and placement is right so you are set up and ready to go to deliver your advertisers maximum ROI in 2017.

6. Promote your advertisers by creating (or partnering) for videos about their product or service.  Then create a channel to house and offer these videos to your audience.  Most advertisers have spent a ton of money on these videos and want to use them. At the very least post them on your website for a fee.

7. Grow audience with YouTube.  YouTube can help you with free distribution and SEO and it not hard to do. Can you say capturing attention, high traffic volumes, multiple video marketing channels, SEO rankings (Google owns YouTube) and social marketing integration?

8. Create a list of influencers. Target at least 50 and regularly include them in your content to maximize social media shares. People like to be mentioned! When influencers share to their audience(s), you automatically increase the number of people you reach.

9. Get creative (and generate more revenue) with custom products! For example, a hobby magazine could add value with a DIY project linked to a parts list and feature step-by-step photos with a link to an auto-filled shopping cart through a sponsoring store. A city and regional magazine could partner with local industry to produce their programs, maps and listings. And there’s also tons of events that need guides, maps, programs. A B2B magazine could brainstorm with with advertisers to produce their special editions.  Custom publishing opportunities: An interview with Reanissance’s CEO Todd Matherne

10. Sell hyperlinks. For example, a wedding magazine sells hyperlinks on their online Wedding Checklist page. When visitors click on “Book Your Photographer”, a photographer’s website appears.

11. Create new revenue streams with archived content. Compile related topics into a sponsored and/or paid eBook. Or create an archive of back issue digital editions that is fully searchable.  Make it available – for a fee – to existing and new subscribers. Here’s  10 genius ways to repurpose and monetize your magazine’s archives

12. Add new events to your media mix! The profit margin is high if you do them right and they can be a lot of fun! Plus, you connect your audience/community face-to-face. It’s a powerful way to tell your brand story and make money doing it. Create New Events: Carl’s tips to starting off right

So roast the french hens, cash in the 5 golden rings and consult the lords a-leaping. Then try some new approaches to revenue in 2017!



Diana headshot photoAbout this blogger: Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. Diana is a food, wine, art and SF Giants enthusiast…who sometimes gets carried away.


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