The Love / Hate Relationship with Email

By Carl Landau, Niche Media Grand Poobah

Sales reps love email because it’s a quick and effective form of communication. But there’s a huge battle out there for time and attention. The fact is that people are inundated – even overwhelmed – with email. You need to make sure that YOUR message doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for your email sales messages…

1. Make it short. Short and to the point is the way to go. People just don’t have the time and patience to wade through a lot of words to find the key message. In our world this is the BENEFIT to the advertiser.  This needs to be front and center, so that even a quick scan can’t miss it.

2. This is not about you.  Emphasize the person you are writing to, NOT you and your magazine. Typically ad sales people will use their own magazine as the subject line and the whole message is about themselves and their magazine. Turn it around and use the word YOU a lot and the name of the prospect’s company and product. Use their slogan. Use their everything!

3. End the email with an action item. You will send them the research material they requested. Or a send a sample of the latest successful banner ads. Or you will call them on such and such day.  Be active.

4. Send at the right time! Best to send during the business morning when people are actively working. Your message maybe the only one that shows up at 10:15 AM during their automatic checking process. If you send at night or on the weekend your message will be competing with dozen of other emails.

5. Don’t forget the P.S. The most read part of an email is the P.S. I include one in all my sales messages. It’s the key action item. (P.S. This P.S. trick really works!)

And my final advice about your sales emails….

Enough with the emails already! You can’t rely entirely on email for your communications. It’s too easy for a prospect to turn you down via email. It’s not interactive enough to instantly overcome an objection. Pick up the phone for the close. Be smart with your communication and mix it all up with a combination of phone calls, face-to-face calls, and email to make the sale.

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The Love / Hate Relationship with Email

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