The Many Ways Publishers Can Earn Online Revenue!


Andy Kowl shares 29 different ways to create online revenue!

We recently came across an inspiring post in Publishing Executive by Andy Kowl and had to share. After realizing less than half the publishers he met can name even five ways to earn income directly from their websites, he identified 29 different ways his niche publishing clients are earning online revenue from their websites today!

This is especially important for print-centric publishers, thinking about growing company value. Companies with 80%+ revenue from print have sold for .5x revenue on average during the past couple of years. Companies “with more diverse revenue,” with print accounting for no more than 70%, sold for 1.2x – 1.5x revenue, all according to John McGovern, senior associate at W.B Grimes & Co. Imagine tripling company value.

Look at the content you produce as products. Here are 5 nuggets from Andy to get you started about content products, though the complete list includes many advertising and sponsorship products as well:

• Webinars are counted as one product whether they are sponsored or sold by the seat. If you sell subscriptions to a series, that’s another product. (+2)

• If you package data as a one-off product, such as Lists, Directories or Market Reports, they all equal 1 product, thought there are many different delivery methods – print, eBooks, pdfs, even spreadsheets. If you sell access to ongoing, real time data in your market, that is definitely a separate product. (+2)

• Is your old content bringing in cash? Selling hard copies of back issues won’t make you rich; but it can’t hurt. The other side of the coin is charging for access to your online content archives. (+2 products)

• Site Licensing is a huge business for some clients, with individual sales sometimes at a six figure price. On the other end of the spectrum some publishers put a price on individual articles of just $9.95; but people buying those articles often end up as bigger customers. (+2 more products)

So think about the myriad of ways you can sell online products on your magazine website. How many ways can you name? What new revenue stream can you capitalize on today? Andy’s full article can be read here: Tallying many ways publishers earn online revenue


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More about Andy: Andy Kowl is a journalist and entrepreneurial publisher with more than 30 years developing, marketing and growing publishing companies. He is senior vice president of publishing strategy for ePublishing Inc., the leading enterprise publishing system (EPS) provider which manages content, audience data, workflow, newsletters and e-commerce for more than 600 B2B publications.



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