Use an Integrated Media Plan to Help Your Advertisers Expand Their Reach


No more selling ads. It’s about selling an integrated media plan customized to your advertiser.

When I started out in advertising sales, I sold ads.

I sold ads very simply—my advertisers wanted to reach the audience who picks up my print magazine, and I sold them that ad. I spent hours talking about the demographics of the print reader. Once the prospect bought an ad, we talked about their creative, and wham, they were published in my publication.

I don’t sell ads anymore. You shouldn’t either.

Media sales is no longer about a “one-off ad.” The main difference in selling in today’s climate is that you never know how readers will access your magazine. Today’s consumers are more mobile than ever. They are reading magazines, but they could be accessing them in print, online, through a blog, or fan page—and on multiple devices.

The key is to help your advertisers understand why an integrated marketing plan is vital to their business success. How do you do that? You tell them you can customize highly-integrated media packages to ensure your advertisers are everywhere their readers are.

Think of it this way: You are offering your advertisers your TOTAL BRAND AUDIENCE so they can reach potential customers however they are looking for information.

Does this approach work? My audience, for example, has increased by over 800% since 2008 because we are a brand with an audience, not just a magazine. We are everywhere–we have multiple platforms so our readers can access us in any way they wish. Our advertisers want to reach our audience.

As a media salesperson, you have the ability to give your advertisers the marketing edge they want. Help them to understand they are not just placing an ad, they are expanding their reach through a branded, multi-media platform.


picture-11More about Holly: Holly Scott has been Publisher at Mountain Living since 2003 and in 2012 was named VP Sales & Marketing for Home Design Division of Network Communications, Inc. along with her role as Group Publisher for both Mountain Living and Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.



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