“Classifieds” are a MUST for Niche Magazines!


Peter Zollman tells us why digital classified advertising is a “must” for niche magazines.

You think Craigslist has all the classifieds? No one’s paying for anything any more? Think again. Classifieds are a multibillion-dollar business and niche publishers have the best opportunity to make their share.

Time to look at digital classified advertising in a new way! Margins can be as high as 70% and niche magazines already have a built in, engaged audience.

So are you providing a vibrant, digital marketplace for the people/equipment/services in your niche already? If not, are you in a niche with equipment, or products, materials, vendors, suppliers, or people looking for new jobs or services? Think about creating a marketplace for your audience.

Here are 6 tips for a dynamic digital marketplace:

  1. Find the right “back-end” tools that work for your marketplace.
  2. Create online, self-service ad placement. Makes it even easier for your advertisers.
  3. Provide tools for reputation management or your advertisers–outsourcing is easy!
  4. Assign a ‘champion’ for each of these 3 areas: User engagement, Revenue growth and Key advertisers.
  5. Drive your traffic through photos and videos.
  6. Promote your classifieds through digital, print and social media.

Your advertisers want to connect with your niche audience in every way they can. If you are not offering digital classified advertising, you may be missing out on a very profitable opportunity to engage your readers even further.



More about Peter: As founding principal of the AIM Group, Peter built a global consulting boutique firm which has achieved revenues of more than $1 million annually. It publishes the continuous advisory service Classified Intelligence Report, known as “the bible of the classified advertising industry.”


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