3 Things Your Magazine is Not Doing with Social Media (That You Actually Already Do!)


3 easy ways to share with your readers
–that you actually are already doing!

You are the editor of a small-to-medium-sized publication with a limited staff.

You are already stretched thin filling the magazine.

Then came your website.

Then came Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. And more. Using these social media outlets takes time, attention, and content.

“Where am I going to find the content?” you ask. “Where am I going to find the time to post it?”

Surprise! You’re already doing it! Here’s three easy ways to integrate what you already do with your magazine’s social media:

1) Post photos of your site visits. Maybe you write Flippin’ Awesome Florals and you visit a lot of nurseries. Or Pipefitters’ Gazette and you check out a lot of water treatment plants. You’re already there, so take a picture!

Snap photos with your smartphone and tweet them or pin them. Post pics on Facebook as teasers for the features you’re writing. ¬†Thrill your readers by taking them behind the scenes now — and they’ll be more invested in your article when they see it later.

2) Live tweet your interviews. Whether you are talking to your interviewee by phone or in person, you’re already having a conversation! Turn it into social media content.

Save the last 10 minutes of the interview for “live tweeting” — ask questions on Twitter in real time. Tell your readers beforehand so they can see the interview and even ask questions themselves. When you engage both your followers AND your interviewee’s followers, BOTH of you will pick up some numbers.

3) Post videos at the time of publication as “added content.” Maybe you had even more cool stuff for this month’s feature but you ran out of space. Or you had an emotional reaction that didn’t feel like just-the-facts journalism so you left it out.

This can be content! Record a short video with your smartphone. Post it on your YouTube channel, on Facebook. or on Vine. Tweet a link to it.

When you plan in advance, you can include a QR Code next to the printed article so readers can scan it and watch it right now on their smartphones.

You’re already YOU. So share.


Andrew SmithAndrew B. Smith
Director of Marketing, Creative Age Publications
Creative age
Now: As director of marketing for Creative Age Publications, Andy Smith has directed the development of more than a dozen websites, including e-commerce and SEO. He manages email and social media initiatives that drive web traffic, merchandise sales, subscriptions (print and digital), app downloads and record trade show attendance.
Past Life: Andy has marketed, sold or advocated public education, tech and telecom, adult degree education and online businesses large and small, including products as diverse as colored contact lenses, megaphones and used police cars.

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  1. We have to be careful about giving too much away from our upcoming issues, because although we think there is no other magazine like ours out there in the universe, we do in fact, have copiers & competition. We also work a year in advance to get original, seasonal photography, so sharing those photos is a dead giveaway of what we’re planning. But I take your point that our special content is all around us. And there’s always more than we can cover in the print magazine.

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