5 Ways to Brand Your Editors


Don’t make your editors mysterious! Encourage them to be a face for your publication.

Your editors are already building engagement (or should be), but can they also build your brand? YES!

A brand isn’t a brand until you add a personality to the mix. Otherwise it’s a simple physical representation of your product or service. “Face” editors who are willing – and able – to travel, speak publicly, visit news sources in person, go to trade shows, moderate panels and events, and even give keynote speeches, are worth their weight in gold.

A well known editor drives industry prestige, can make your publication seem “bigger” than it is, can impact digital ad sales and sponsorships, and have a huge impact on your publication. How do you get them started?

1. Pictures are (truly) worth a thousand words. Get a good headshot and run it everywhere your editor’s byline appears. Make it a good picture and not some self-shot taken at the beach during summer vacation (unless that’s their style.)

2. Encourage them to blog. That creates the opportunity to give opinion instead of fact. An editor with attitude is a big selling point.

3. Send them to public speaking classes. The more publicly verbose, the better. Public speaking classes are inexpensive and often available locally.

4. Send them to events. A desk-jockey editor will remain just that. Encourage them to do booth-visits, cocktail mixers, anything to make them more industry-present. (And order plenty of business cards!)

5. Have your marketing team contact the industry shows and events that you cater to and pitch your editor as a moderator or speaker. This is critical!

Now get your editor out there to add a little personality to your brand! Good luck!


By Tim Hermes, CEO of Hermes Media + Research

(Originally written for Niched Out News)


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