A Page Out of the Yearbook: Supercharge Your Survey Strategies

Surveys are a great tools for niche magazine publishers to use to boost readership as well as sales. However, often times survey efforts are often done in the wrong manner, which can leave readers unhappy and your sales unchanged. Mixing up your survey strategies could be just the trick you need to further your audience development and increase sales. We have pulled a few tips for supercharging your survey strategies from the Niche Yearbook, take a look:

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Take a peek at some tips for improving your surveys.

  • Narrow your target: It can become a bad habit to send out numerous surveys and target a very general audience. Chances are, you will see better results if you narrow the people you decide to send surveys too. Sending a mass number of surveys can also make readers feel unimportant and just another number on a mailing list. Take a deeper look into demographic and┬ábehavioral┬ádata to get a better feel for who you should be targeting and who is more likely to respond to the survey.
  • Keep it simple: It’s no secret that we move fast when it comes to the internet. Items on the web have only a few second to capture our attention and work to keep it. This applies to your surveys as well. In order to keep the reader engaged, your best bet is to keep it simple. Don’t try to accomplish too much in one survey. Instead, break it up into smaller surveys in order to keep the reader from becoming bored or distracted.
  • Turn your surveys into dollars: The completed surveys that you will get back are extremely valuable. They reveal important information about your publication and what readers want out of it. You can use these surveys to your advantage by offering them to advertisers.
Surveys are an important tool to any niche publication and should be paid proper attention. If you have found your survey results are turning up less than impressive, try tweaking with a few of these tips.


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