e-Newsletter of the Month: Pregnancy Weekly is a Master of Audience-Focused e-News and Sophisticated Video Integration



Pregnancy Weekly is an e-newsletter that gets a lot of the basics right: they send personalized, weekly e-news to expectant moms that addresses them by name and is focused on topics based on what week of pregnancy they’re in; they keep articles short with an abundance of numbered lists of tips, do-s, don’t-s, and top-tens; they maximize their potential audience by targeting not only to pregnant women, but segmenting their audience into preconception, pregnancy, parenting, and grandparents; they also have quick links to their social media sites, and prominent buttons for recommending their e-newsletter to a friend.

Hopefully these are e-newsletter basics that your organization is already utilizing, but two aspects of Pregnancy Weekly’s e-news program that really stand out to us as teachable tools are their use of video integration and their e-newsletter’s audience-focused content, which keeps their own product a secondary focus in their e-news marketing.

Perhaps you’ve thrown in a video spot here and there in your e-Newsletter—but take a lesson from Pregnancy Weekly and try pairing video clips with articles. Along with most major articles on the site PW offers a “View Videos Related to This Topic” link. This gives readers the opportunity to access more in-depth information that is specifically related to a topic of their interest, rather than just offering one random video clip in their e-newsletter. Also, these videos average around one and a half minutes and are preceded by a 25-second, revenue-generating advertisement. Pairing video clips with articles opens up more opportunities for revenue generation and offers your readers more control over their own content experience.

If all this wasn’t enough to make Pregnancy Weekly worthy of our “e-Newsletter of the Month” award—here is the sheer brilliance of this e-newsletter: When you read the fine print to see who publishes PW, you find a company called CBR. And who is CBR? Well, it turns out that Pregnancy Weekly is actually published by Cord Blood Registry. This company’s main business is selling umbilical cord blood banking to expectant mothers. If CBR had a bunch of marketing simpletons on their staff, they might be putting out an e-Newsletter that constantly touted the benefits of cord blood banking over and over each month—but instead, the geniuses at CBR asked themselves this key question before designing their e-newsletter: Who are our primary customers and what information is most important and relevant to them? Then, they generate their content specifically for their audience, while subtly offering contests and ads for Cord Blood Banking that allow them to gather prospects and market their product, while generating revenue from a highly successful e-newsletter.

What’s the lesson we can all learn here? Spend time researching what information your target audience really wants and needs, and make delivery of that content your e-newsletter’s first priority—this might mean shifting your content focus in new and unexpected directions. Then, once you build your audience through quality, audience-focused content, use your e-newsletter to market your primary product or service to your now captive and loyal audience.

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