How to Host a Great Webinar: Your Questions, Answered!


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Mike Agron, Co-Founder of WebAttract and Niche Digital Conference speaker, recently teamed up with us to host our very first ever webinar. In the past, we really thought webinars sucked for the most part, bored in the first 10 minutes by many we had attended. Mike showed us the light, how webinars done right can provide high quality content to our audience and survey them at the same time. And then there’s the lead generation, additional revenue stream potential, brand awareness, live interaction and all that good stuff.

Q: How is social media used to attract registrations for webinars?Joseph, B2B, Niche Publisher
A: Social media, such as LinkedIn, are a great way to attract an audience that would have a specific interest in your topic to register. We use it all the time. For example, if you manage or are part of a LinkedIn special interest group, and you have a webinar coming up, you can post the webinar as an event– but sometimes groups are not that keen about that, as it could sound too much like a sales pitch. So I suggest you start a conversation with the group by asking as question or having them weigh in on a topic and then based on the conversation you can talk about the webinar.

Or another a great way to stimulate interest is to post some answers from questions asked at your last webinar, especially if what was discussed is topical to your group…….. (Editor’s Note: You are now experiencing the 5th dimension…..)

Q: PPT (PowerPoint)/audio vs. video events. When is it best to use each?–Joseph, B2B, Niche Publisher
A: For a demand generation webinar of an hour or less, PPT and crisp audio is just fine.  Sometimes we will show a video but only if it adds value to the webinar topic. Logistically and cost wise, PPT and audio is much less expensive than video and it’s also “safer” because slow internet connections are going to be more forgiving in an audio and slide based webinar than a video webinar. Another challenge with video, beyond the internet speed issues and costs, is that it brings more challenges to ensure that the speakers are lit properly, the video is flattering to them and that they are able to connect with the audience. Not everyone is comfortable on camera so you have to factor that in as additional preparation time with video. But if you can afford the costs and need that level of production of video, then go for it.

Q: What is the average price of a webinar? Is it flat fee?–George, B2B, VP of Sales
A: It all depends on the total package the publisher is offering the customer or sponsor. If it’s a B2B demand generation webinar, it depends on what the commercial outcomes/expectations of the sponsor are, how many people that match their demographic will register or attend, how many deals they need to close to cover the costs of the webinar, etc. Then you have to factor in the webinar production values, which include what type of hosting platform will be used, how many attendees, use of a moderator, content development, email marketing, industry speakers, etc. I’ve seen fees from $12,500 – $25,000 plus. 

Q: What are your feelings on pre-recorded webinars? This is something that we are moving towards especially when trying to reach an international market.–Jackie, Association, Sr. Associate
A: In most cases, we prefer to do a live webinar FIRST, as it is really more efficient use of time and creates a better connection with the audience. Plus, the speakers typically are more focused and have a higher energy level when it’s live. We also make a recording for those that couldn’t attend live, such as people outside of the North American time zones, or those that had a time conflict with the live event. We then provide them the option to listen to it as an On Demand viewing. But there is nothing like a live event to create a sense of urgency and interest for people to want to attend and be part of the  conversation. Even if attendees don’t ask a question, they respond to the fact that what they are hearing is live and in real time.  


picture-359About Mike: Mike Agron is Managing Principal and Executive Webinar Demand Generation Expert of WebAttract. He and his team produces and moderates informational webinars for global industry brands, emerging B2B firms, and niche online and print publications. Mike will be leading the Niche Digital Conference session Wide World of Webinars this fall in Nashville.



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