How to Improve Your Event ROI

Improve your ROI by attending events about events!

Are you taking full advantage of this huge growth area? Over 84% of publishers today are producing events. Events can be high profit, increase your audience reach and retention, plus boost your brand visibility across your niche market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are B2B, B2C or Association, everyone wants to know more about putting on successful events. Should they create new ones? Should they go super-targeted, or big, big big? Should they overhaul or shut down their existing show that keeps declining in revenue?

I’ve been organizing successful events for a long time now but I never miss the opportunity to attend events about events. (For some reason, 15 years ago, I thought it would be more fun to just bumble through it on my own. I’ve made every mistake you can make over the years too.)

These days anyone can go to one of these helpful conferences to be better equipped to run a successful event. So get out of the office, attend an event and network with other publishers about how to increase event revenue!

There are a whole bunch of conferences focused on creating successful events. Just pick the one that makes the most sense for the size and scope of your business.

Here are some to get your started:

  • TSNN-  Trade Show News Network
  • MPI–  Meeting Professionals International
  • Lippman Connects–  Several events offered for Exhibition & Convention Executives

When I have attended events about events, I felt like many of them don’t really drill down to my world. I wanted an event that was just for niche publishers who put on events. So I created one! (Ok, this is sort of a shameless plug here.)  Check out our Niche EventFest all-day workshop as part of Super Niche in Charlotte this year.

You can learn which new event models are right for your company, how to leverage your print and online media to boost event attendance and sponsorships, and how to creatively market your event. And you get to network with other niche publishers who are putting on events just like you.

We all know how hard it is to take a couple days out of the office. But learning new strategies you can implement right away and making new connections is an important part of the growth strategy for your media business. So do it!



carl_headshot_2015More about Carl: Carl Landau is Grand Poobah of Niche Media. In his past life, Carl launched 5 successful niche magazines. He is a media/event guru, SF Giants fan, podcast host and part-time blogger. His 15 minutes of fame took place in the mid-eighties when he launched his famous, “Buy an Ad, Get a Cat” ad campaign. He has long since patched things up with the SPCA.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Check out the all new Super Niche event, March 27-29, 2017!

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