How to Take Advantage of Your Magazine’s iPad App

Having a great iPad application for your niche magazine is very important for a wide variety of reasons. However, while you can have an iPad app, the way in which you design and use it is crucial. In order to keep your audience members engaged and use the app to generate revenue, it is a good idea to make sure you are taking all the right steps.

Niche Media

Having an iPad app for your niche magazine is important for many reasons.

While some magazine iPad apps simply feature a PDF copy of the most current issue, this may not be the best way to utilize your magazine’s app. Instead of creating an app that simply allows the reader to access same features they would get from the print version, consider using interactive features to make the app different and engaging.

Making your iPad app a platform that is separate from your print magazine is important to make sure it stays relevant and appealing. Consider adding features such as exclusive videos and content, games, interactive quizzes, and a social sharing feature to capture the attention of your audience members. You also want to be sure the content on your iPad app is fresh and new as well.

Simply having an iPad app for your niche publication is no longer enough. Make sure you are taking the right steps and paying attention to the wants and needs of your readers to provide them with the best and most engaging iPad app possible.




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