Mobile App Content Strategies on the Rise

The rise in popularity among smart phones and the applications that go along with them are very important to the niche magazine industry. Niche publications must always be adapting and changing with technology in order to work with it and ensure ad sales and audiences continue to grow. A recent survey showed that many publications are already integrating mobile app content strategies into overall content marketing plans.

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Mobile apps are changing the way readers receive content.

Mobile applications are a great way to interact with readers and provide new and interesting ways to keep them engaged. In order to ensure your mobile app content strategy is working well, it is important to have an optimized mobile site. This will make accessing your material much easier and preferable for readers. It is also important to remember that tablets and smart phones are not the same. The mobile site for your niche publication should cater to both devices, instead of just one.

The ways in which readers receive content are constantly changing, and it is crucial to stay up-to-date as to keep and grow audiences.  Eli Goodman, a spokesman for comScore, the company that conducted the survey, noted just how crucial these new strategies are:

“In the United States at this time, more than 40 percent of all existing mobile phones in use are smartphones, and over 50 percent of all recently acquired mobile phones are smartphones, moving towards the eventual majority. Mobile internet usage is directly correlated to smartphone adoption, so a mobile specific strategy is a must as a function of your broader marketing mix.”

Adopting mobile application strategies into your content marketing plan is important for all publications, especially niche magazines.


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