Summer of Niche 2014: Habitat Magazine iPad Innovation Creates New Revenue!


This special interest consumer & B2B hybrid shares their newest iPad strategy for success.

Editor’s Note: This is the first feature of Niche Media HQ’s 2014 Summer of Niche Magazines. We’ll be featuring niche magazines and their great ideas all summer long! Drum roll, please………..              

Who: Carol Ott, Publisher and Editor-n-Chief, HABITAT Magazine

Great Idea: Dwell on this iPad strategy: Instead of just doing the typical print and digital versions, Habitat Magazine turned their iPad version into shorter, weekly bites and now offers additional sponsorship opportunities to go along with the new format.

Carol shares with us:

“We are tweaking our iPad version, breaking it down into weekly bites, and selling sponsorships. To promote this, and to give the sponsor additional play, we produce weekly videos that appear on our website (and brand the sponsor) and in the app. Sponsors also get play in print.”

Here’s how they’re doing it:

We’ve been publishing our entire magazine on a monthly basis as an app. We began a weekly publishing schedule because we wanted to experiment with greater frequency; create shorter iPad editions to match a shorter digital attention span; and we wanted to give our iPad sponsor more bang for their buck.

Part of the marketing program for our sponsors includes branding in a weekly video promoting each issue (which runs on our home page); branding in our print version as an iPad sponsor; and of course branding in the iPad version. We sell single sponsorships, so the branding potential is quite large.”

The results?

The program has just been rolled out, but because we have increased the branding platforms for sponsors, we think it’s an easier and a more justifiable sell. The iPad is one place where it’s easy and inexpensive to experiment. We use an app platform (MagPlus) which is NOT just a PDF version of what is in print, and it allows us to include video and audio.”

Habitat Magazine is clearly willing to experiment with new ideas to reach their audience with even greater success. Plus, they created new revenue streams in the process! Now that’s a great idea.

Done your own iPad innovation? Share some of your winning iPad strategies with us!

More about this magazine: HABITAT Magazine is an independent publication with paid circulation targeting decision-makers at the 8000+ residential co-ops, condos, and homeowner associations in the New York City greater metropolitan area.  HABITAT is an independent publication, a hybrid of special interest consumer and b2b trade publication,  as unique as New York.



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