Summer of Niche: Events Are Made for Innovative Partnerships!


Creating new, unique events with new partners can produce exciting results!

Creating powerful partnerships just got a whole lot more interesting! Sure, we have written plenty on this blog about creating successful, innovative partnerships and showcased a plethora of niche mags who do just that.

But how do you build on that?? How do you connect diverse groups to start something new and expand your reach beyond your current readers?

Edible South Florida did it—with amazing results!

Editor Gretchen Schmidt clued us in to how they took innovative partnerships to a whole new level last month by joining forces with other like-minded, creative groups to create a NEW, original blockbuster event.

Gretchen tells us how they did it:

“What made this event special was the unlikely and successful intersection of engaged followers in the world of the arts and poetry, botany and horticulture, and farming/food/chefs. Each of us got what we were looking for!”

Here were the partners:

  • Edible South Florida, part of Edible Communities, focuses on exploring foods and stories of the community by season, always looking for ways to connect local foods, farmers, chefs and their stories to our readers.
  • O, Miami Poetry Festival, an annual event that seeks to expose everyone in Miami-Dade County to a poem during the month of April, always looking for unorthodox ways to spread the word. They were also publishing a book on urban foraging, and needed a way to launch their book.
  • The Kampong, part of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, is a botanical garden in residential Coconut Grove with a world-class collection of tropical plants, many edible, always looking to attract new visitors and members

“We created an event called Forager Fete held at the Kampong. Our cover story on urban foraging included a foraging tour with some prominent chefs, who were also invited to take part in our evening event. O, Miami promoted the event to their diverse following, which includes arts aficionados of all ages. The Kampong promoted the event to its membership, in need of fresh blood.

The event was promoted by all three entities online, via social media and to followers/members/readers. The buzz was instant and the event sold out quickly. Guests were treated to cocktails and craft beer and foraged dishes provided by the chefs. The Kampong led a fast-foraging tour of some of the key edibles. After that, O, Miami announced the book launch and held an author book signing. Copies of the new Edible were also available.”

Here is a link to the evening, with photos and descriptions of how the event went to give you a snapshot:

Foragers Fete: An Evening of Words, Plants, and Edible Discoveries

Each niche entity in the partnership achieved their goals, had a fantastic, sell-out event and broadened their brand awareness across “cultures.” The possibilities are clearly endless. What ways can YOUR magazine join forces multiple groups to create a unique, powerhouse event?


More about Edible South Florida and Gretchen: Edible South Florida magazine is part of Edible Communities, 80+ publications in the United States and Canada that celebrate local foods by season, connecting consumers with family farmers, growers, chefs, and food artisans of all kinds. Writer and editor Gretchen Schmidt has been involved with the quarterly publication since its launch in Winter 2010.


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