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This publisher thinks outside the box and created a truly unique event!

Here’s not only another great magazine idea to share, but if you’ve been reading our Summer of Niche series you know that niche publishers creating unique, dynamic, NEW events is becoming a serious trend–one that produces a whole new level of brand awareness PLUS  a successful revenue stream.

STORY is a Kentucky lifestyle magazine that went beyond the scope of typical regional/city magazine partnerships to create a very innovative event and also took the step to film a documentary about “the-behind-the-scenes-and-concert” to further the life of the event.

Julie Wilson, STORY Founder/Publisher/Chief Storyteller, tells us how they did it:

“We have created a one-of-a-kind event called STORY Sessions, where nationally renowned musicians from Kentucky came together to create a Sessions band. These artists will do everything from write an original song, rehearse and give a live performance, all of it also filmed for a documentary that we are shopping around to outlets like NPR and PBS.

We have garnered some critically acclaimed artists – including the composer for the Tony-nominated “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” (a Lexington, KY native) and Kevin Ratterman, producer of My Morning Jacket (from Louisville). We are planning this as a quarterly event with new artists every time. We just had the first event.”

The results?

“With its mission to show all sides of Kentucky, STORY has been amazed at the interest in Sessions. These artists know what it means to be from Kentucky and that there’s more to the story than most people realize.

Our first STORY Sessions event took place on June 25th. Little did we know that we shot well below the interest level, as we sold out of the concert tickets and could have fit about 20 more folks in the studio. It also introduced many people to the printed magazine that we had out at the event, which translated into several new subscriptions. We are already planning the next performance in a larger venue for the fall.”

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More about Julie Wilson and STORY:  STORY magazine is directed at readers who are interested in Kentucky life that often falls outside the bounds of traditional media. Edited and published by award-winning journalist Julie Wilson, STORY is published quarterly.


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