Summer of Niche: How to Cultivate Timeless Content


Great idea: Focus on evergreen content!

It’s not enough to just strive for quality content anymore—it has to be fresh, fresh, fresh. Ideally content must always be relevant and top-of-mind. What kind of content topics are perennially popular for your niche?

We walked to Domink Grau, Managing Director and Publisher of WatchTime magazine. He has found that delivering a certain kind of content to their niche can reap big rewards and catapult growth.

Dominik shared their great idea with us:

Focus on evergreen content. Align your content schedule with stuff that’s relevant for many years. Forget news editions–they will not deliver growth. Instead of writing up tons of news every day, our mini-team (1 person on focuses on useful, practical content that delivers immediate knowledge. Our content gives advice, can be consumed quickly, printed and saved, and is updated every couple weeks. We still do news, though, but it is not the main focus.”

The results?

“We have fully aligned this schedule with our core content from the print magazine so that we can build on the brand strength and repository that’s already there. With this focus on evergreen content, WatchTime has increased its newsletter database by 600% within 2 years and grew the website traffic by 400% at the same time–all without spending a single additional $.

In addition, we did not have to hire someone new or build an elaborated content management system. And the growth keeps growing. 2014 has already seen another increase of 100% vs last year same time. The evergreen content keeps on delivering happy new customers while minimizing our workload. The growing website traffic converts to new newsletter subscribers, who in turn generate more clicks to the website and deliver additional growth. Kind of a niche perpetuum mobile for zero dollars!”

It’s clear from this niche magazine’s fine example that if you want your readers to pine for your content, you need to give them evergreen! Think useful, think practical, think advice – something that your readers would want to save and share!

More about Dominik Grau and WatchTime: Dominik is a media executive with a track record in creating successful digital businesses. He currently serves as the managing director and publisher of WatchTime (link), America’s leading luxury watch magazine with more than 600,000 monthly readers and one of the world’s fastest-growing media platforms for affluent watch collectors. WatchTime’s team has won numerous awards and nominations for the high growth rate and for excellence in digital media as well as events.


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