Tablets Are Becoming a Great Content Marketing Device

It’s no secret that tablets have become wildly popular recently, and we can see why. While tablets are great for surfing the web and watching movies, they are also wonderful devices for content marketing. Having another medium to use for content marketing is great for increasing ad sales as well as the audience.

Niche Media

Tablets are quickly becoming a new way to implement content marketing efforts.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, a recent study revealed that 66 percent of users prefer to read content on a tablet versus a PC. In addition, the three main uses of a tablet are to browse the web, read the news and read content. This is great news for niche publications in that it provides one more way to connect with readers and generate new advertising sales.

The tablet provides niche publishers with a new way of interacting with readers. You can now include interactive graphics, color images and other elements to spark interest and hold the attention of your audience. It was also found that many people prefer to read on a tablet versus in print.

If you have been searching for new ways to connect with readers as well as grow ad sales, consider the tablet. Adapt your content marketing efforts to work with the tablet and you could be well on your way to new readers and ad sales.



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