Test, Test, Test for Email Success!

By Ryan Dohrn, Digital Guru & Internet Consultant, www.ryandohrn.com

In order to communicate with subscribers, build a successful e-newsletter, or reach new online readers, you need to get people to open your emails. For media/publishing industry email blasts, Constant Contact reports an average open rate of 18.6% and a bounce rate of 8.6% with a click thru rate of 23.7%. (Source)

Many publishers fall far short of these numbers. So, what do you do to raise your open and click thru rates? Test for success!

1. Test your subject line:  A well written subject line out performs a generic subject line. Lists are also very popular.  Some great examples… “10 ways to grow your small business revenue”, “5 Hot Parenting Tips”, “10 Ways to market your business for under $100”. Review subject lines just like headlines.

2. Test your sending time: One way to boost your open rate is to look at when people who open your emails are doing so. Is it 8:00 am, Noon, 3:00 pm, 10:00 pm?  Try splitting your list in half. Send to half the people at your normal time, and to the other half on a different day or at a different time of day to see if one results in a higher open rate.

3. Check your “from” name: Most emails that are quickly ignored or deleted are those with an unrecognizable “from” name or address. Is your “from” name easily recognizable?  For publishers, try sending the email from the publisher’s name rather than editor@my-magazine.com or the name of the magazine.  Or, come up with a persona for your emails like Rex Reed or Mary Daniels.

4. Keep testing:  Use A-B testing often and really look and digest the results. Ask for detailed reports and testing from your team.

In the end, email will be a serious pat of your revenue plan. You and your team don’t need to invest much time, money, or effort to test your way to email success. All it takes is a commitment to start testing and keep testing.

This article originally is part of the June issue of Niched Out News. Full article list:

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Test, Test, Test for Email Success!

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