The Not-So-Secret Sauce for B2B Digital Strategies!


Jeff Bruss gives us the straight stuff on how to create B2B digital strategies that really work!

Digital channels present ample opportunity for B2B publishers (regardless of their niche) to form much stronger connections with their audiences. Those connections are the not-so-secret sauce for building new ad programs and growing your business.

So what are the key revenue-driving components of a successful B2B digital strategy? Is it only lead generation, data collection, user tracking/analytics and surveys, or are there more revenue-generating strategies out there you can tap into?

Digital luminary Jeff Bruss, President of the very successful COLE Publishing, knows a thing or two about how to create innovative and effective B2B digital strategies. We asked him to share his wisdom from the digital B2B world:

NMHQ:  What are some top new ways B2B publishers can capitalize–even monetize–their data?


“More importantly than monetizing your data is figuring out to whom it has value. Once you know who has interest, it’s easier to sell the significance of what you (and sometimes only you) possess. Conducting surveys and using existing surveyed data is a good example of what key companies are looking for. This has been a growth segment for many publishers. When you have a very focused/niche audience and an advertiser or agency needs to survey that group, who better to accomplish that than the industry leader in the segment?”

NMHQ:  Can you give us a real world example of a B2B digital strategy that rocks and why?


“A strategy is a complete plan for digital. I don’t know that any publisher has figured out the perfect “rockin’” strategy, but there are surely some elements of winning strategies that can be widely implemented to create a a good plan. Understanding your sites and how to collect data is the first step in creating a solid digital plan. Ask yourself questions about your users: Who is coming? What for? How long do they stay? Why do they leave? How can we sell those user habits to advertisers who find value in them? What other digital add-ons can we offer those users to make them power-users? By answering those types of questions and building content, advertising, and strategies around them you can start building your way toward a solid digital plan.”

NMHQ:  What is a big mistake niche publishers can avoid when creating digital strategies for their live events?


“I think the biggest obstacle when creating a digital strategy for events is to not fall into that same formula every other event follows. Drew Davis provided some great insight on this in one of his talks at a previous niche event where he demonstrated how nearly every live event website follows the same pattern of promotion. “The biggest, best, largest show for you, customers, people in Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas…” Being different can be very difficult, but it is possible with a little effort. As an example, this year we shot and sold footage from drones for our exhibitors and it was very enthusiastically accepted and purchased.”

Note: Jeff will be leading the workshop, B2B Ultimate Digital Strategy at the Niche Digital Conference in Savannah this fall. Don’t miss it!


More about Jeff:   As President of COLE Publishing, Jeff oversees 8 publications and 13 digital properties serving over 275,000 readers in the environmental service markets. In addition to Pumper Magazine, Cleaner Magazine and others, Cole sponsors the annual Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International, which attracts more than 12,000 visitors from 50+ countries.


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