Tips for Optimizing Your Content for the Latest Trends in Consumption

It’s no secret that the way in which we consume content is changing, which means niche publications must adapt in order to keep up. It seems as though people are beginning to consume content through smart phones, tablets and other e-readers instead of computers or laptops. In order to continue to grow your audience, it is crucial that your niche magazine adapt. Take a look at a few tips for optimizing your content for the latest trends in consumption:

Niche Media

Adapting your content for the latest trends is important.

  • Incorporate calls-to-action in the text: Since readers are starting to use smaller platforms, such as smart phones and tablets, elements like sidebars are being stripped away. The ability to rely on these extra elements is slowly slipping away, which means it is important to incorporate calls-to-action in your text in order to keep readers engaged and active.
  • Adapt for mobile devices: If you do not have a mobile website or a website that is easy to read on a smart phone, be sure to adapt. If readers find they are having difficulty reading your content on a mobile phone due to the lack of adaptability, chances are they will move on pretty quickly.
  • Headlines and pictures should be compelling: The headline and picture of a piece of content are typically what draws audience members the most. Make sure you are attracting attention by using compelling and high quality pictures paired with attention-grabbing headlines.
Being able to change and adapt with the trends in content consumption is important for your niche publication to stay relevant and in front of your readers.




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