Top New Marketing Channels Niche Publishers Need to Try


Niche media companies need to be on the lookout for new channels!

What’s coming up next in the niche magazine world? Of course, we all want to know what to look for in the ever-changing brandscape of magazine marketing. The more we can anticipate change the better prepared we’ll be to meet the challenges and also capitalize on opportunities. In this third part of our interview with Jeff Rohrs, Marketing and Social Media guru and popular Niche Magazine Conference speaker, Jeff lays out the new marketing channels that niche magazine publishers need to check out.

Niche Media:  What channels should niche magazine publishers be investigating?

JR:   If you have the budget to explore some new emerging channels, you should experiment with them and measure the results. It will give you the ability to niche your niche even further. Here are some new channels to try:

Absolutely check out what Google is doing in social media. People are swarming to Google+. Research Google+ profiles in your industry and follow and associate with those companies and people. Look for the people behind the by-lines. These people within Google+ are greatly impacting search results. Take the evolutionary steps and connect to a real person. Become a fan yourself.

Another channel that’s hot is Vine. Vine does for video what Twitter did for the written word – 6-second videos.  Check out Vine videos to see what it’s about. (Stop animation, behind the scenes news, etc.) These snippets are not for everyone, but you can do more in six seconds than you think. I don’t think Vine will be as big as Twitter, but the point is that Vine is a new fragmentation. We are going to see more of that within the social media realm.

There is also a new app called See-saw. It’s a crowd-sourcing app and it will be interesting to see how it evolves and what it’s best uses are. It’s a take off from the 1990’s “Hot or Not.” It may work for your niche.

Niche Media:  What takeaways would you like give our readers?

JR:   Niche magazines have the passion and the expertise to become consultative marketers vs traditional advertising. What do I mean by consultative? Flip ad sales on it’s head. There are advertising and marketing opportunities out there and you know your audience better than anyone else.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a publisher, think of yourself as a community and media entity.  Ask questions like, “If we did a podcast….” Keep this view in mind as you explore new marketing channels. Sponsored content is also a hot topic, but make sure not to confuse readers.

In-person events are also a channel publishers need to check out. They allow for the possibility of building audience AND building long term revenue. Move toward an event structure and the ROI will come from sponsorships.

There’s no doubt that the marketing realm is changing and evolving quickly and you need to be on the lookout for emerging trends, tools, and channels and how best to take advantage of them. The niche magazines who do that will be one step ahead!

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jeff_rohrs-packshot-1Jeffrey Rohrs, VP, Marketing Research & Education, ExactTarget
Now: A recovering attorney, bacon-lover & Cleveland sports victim, Jeff Rohrs leads the Marketing Research & Education Group at ExactTarget. In this capacity, Jeff co-authors the award-winning SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS Research Series—an ongoing examination of how today’s online consumers interact with brands through digital channels such as email, Facebook, and Twitter.
Past Life: Jeff also spearheads ExactTarget’s Connections User Conference programming and SUBSCRIBERS RULE! philosophy.


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