3 MORE Things You’re Not Doing with Social Media (That You Actually Already Do)


Make social media for your magazine a breeze by incorporating what you already do.

Where do you fit in THE TIME to create more content AND use it to engage readers via social media?

I gave you three ways to do just that with things you and your editors already do in my previous post: 3 Things You’re Not Doing with Social Media (That You’re Actually Doing).

Here are 3 MORE existing content sources that you can draw upon to engage readers, re-purpose content, and give your publication a personal touch:

1) Share your readers’ content.

You’re already on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest. Re-tweet, re-post/”like”, and re-pin your readers’ content. Then guess what? THEY will turn around and re-tweet, re-post, and re-pin THAT interaction. Convert your readers into advocates for you and your publication.

2) Share the Web.

You’re already a website visitor. A news browser. A pic clicker. Share what you like. It doesn’t have to be related to your publication, or even your pub’s area of interest. See a funny someEcard? Tweet it. Post an interesting news article on Facebook. Pin a cool photo. Don’t be afraid to give your magazine’s social media presence some personality! [Read more…]

3 Things Your Magazine is Not Doing with Social Media (That You Actually Already Do!)


3 easy ways to share with your readers
–that you actually are already doing!

You are the editor of a small-to-medium-sized publication with a limited staff.

You are already stretched thin filling the magazine.

Then came your website.

Then came Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. And more. Using these social media outlets takes time, attention, and content.

“Where am I going to find the content?” you ask. “Where am I going to find the time to post it?”

Surprise! You’re already doing it! Here’s three easy ways to integrate what you already do with your magazine’s social media: [Read more…]