How to Motivate Yourself for Amazing Ad Sales….When Your Boss Won’t!

Lucky for us salespeople, most of us have a great boss who knows what we need to keep us motivated to sell and bring in the dough. But what about the times when we are working with a sales manager who just does not get it?


Does your boss seem to be oblivious to your your ad sales success? Here’s how to keep motivated.

You prospected, proposed and made all the proper follow up. Finally the advertiser bought. The contract is signed.  Time for high fives and celebration! Woo-hoo!

The contract goes to the sales manager and you just know you will get all sorts of thanks and kudos. Time goes by and nothing. Nada. Not even an acknowledgement. Woo-hoo-not-so-much.

But seriously, come on—what did you expect?  You are one of the top salespeople in the company so all the bosses know you regularly bring in the contracts. So closing a deal is really nothing to get super-excited about.

But where does that leave YOU?  How do you pick yourself up and go after the next sale?  You have to have a strong sense of self-motivation and give yourself celebration. You could call your spouse, good friend or peers who are happy for you and will celebrate your successes with you. Having someone to celebrate with is essential for the short term. But you also need to have a strategy that will keep you motivated for the long haul. [Read more…]

Ad Sales Roundup: The Best of Bonnie


Gear up for 2014 with these real world ad sales tips from an ad sales pro.

As we wind down 2013, we’d like to thank our guest bloggers. When the ad sales pros in our niche magazine world share their nuggets of wisdom, it helps everyone.

This post features the 2013 contributions of Bonnie Dodson, long-time ad sales pro and niche media enthusiast. (Thank you for being so prompt and easy to work with.) With Bonnie’s advice you will be on track to sell more integrated print and online magazine advertising in the coming year, and have more fun doing it, too.

Here’s some of Bonnie’s ad sales advice so yo can jump start the new year: [Read more…]

Top 3 Tips for Ad Sales Reps Working From Home


Working from home can be productive with these 3 tips from ad sales pro Bonnie Dodson.

Working in a corporate office forces you to be on task and organized. But more often these days, employers are learning about the benefits of having a remote staff that works on flex time–and still getting great results.

Almost 13 years ago, my husband and I realized our dream to leave the big city and live in the mountains.  With over 30 years of advertising sales experience, I was certain I could continue selling advertising from home. The forward-thinking publisher I was working for gave me the chance.

For the most part, I have found that by sticking to the same basic selling skills that I learned over the years and incorporating a few home-specific guidelines, I am every bit as successful selling remotely as from working in a corporate office.

Here are my top 3 working-from-home tips: [Read more…]

How to Work a Trade Show to Get More Ad Sales Prospects

The one thing that successfully working a trade show is NOT: Setting up a booth and sitting there, waiting for prospects to come by and talk with you. Find someone else for that job. To get the most out of your time as a sales person at a trade show, you need to be accessible, pro-active, and have a plan to renew contacts with clients and meet new prospects. Here’s how you do it:


Turn working a trade show into big success with these three tips.

3 tips for getting the most out of working a trade show

1.  Pre-show planning:  Get a list of exhibits—most shows have this posted on their web sites far in advance.  Put them into a spreadsheet and sort by booth numbers.  Fill in a column for known contacts and leave a blank column for notes. Highlight accounts you really want to see (include new prospects). [Read more…]

Ad Sales Cold Calling for Fun and Profit

NO ONE likes cold calling.  Not true! I love it! OK, so maybe you don’t like cold calling, but if you handle it right it can be a terrific opportunity instead of a dreaded chore.


It’s true! Cold calling CAN be fun!

Cold calling is the favorite part of my selling job. I use the opportunity as a reward for a hard day’s work of what I term regular calling—those everyday calls to touch base with current advertisers, track down ad copy, confirm space reservations, sell new offerings to old customers and follow up with previous contacts.  Where’s the fun in that?

Cold calling is more like detective work.  I search out new prospects from:

  • Web searches
  • Conference exhibitor lists
  • Advertising in other publications
  • Social networks

The Internet makes this pretty easy, and I can ALWAYS find a phone number.  Once I get to the receptionist, I identify myself (important to establish rapport) and ask if he or she can help me locate the person who handles advertising and marketing.  Most of the time, they are accommodating.  [Read more…]

Voice Mail is an Ad Sales Tool!


Leaving the right voice mail messages can be an effective ad sales tool.

Let’s get in the way-back machine: There was a time when you dialed a phone number and only one of three things could happen—the line was busy,  the phone rang and rang and there was no answer, or someone answered and you could have a conversation. If you were calling a business during business hours, you certainly hoped a person would answer the phone.

Technology has changed all that. Now more than likely the phone call results in a recording, asking you to leave a voice mail message.

How can a magazine ad salesperson make a pitch when they cannot actually talk with someone?

Don’t sweat it! The goal is not necessarily to talk with a live person—it can be as simple as using voice mail as a touch point. The trick is to craft an effective message that gets the result you want.

Dial the phone number with the expectation that you will not get a person on the line. [Read more…]