Are your tires on backwards? Or is your sales team driving donuts in the parking lot?

Let’s be honest. We’ve all made purchases at some point that sit there collecting dust. Whether it’s the 2:00am infomercial all-in-one blender, or fabulous technology for your publishing company, you might be asking yourself, “wait, what is this?” 

If you are a publisher who asked yourself this question after making a software investment, you are not alone. Buying a publishing platform can be intimidating at first. Maybe you intended to solve one specific problem, but after unwrapping your shiny new CRM, you say, “Whoa! What do I do with it?”

Publisher, Jennifer Jackson, at the Springfield Business Journal, had a similar situation not too long ago.  She bought a powerful CRM to house some basic data and contacts, but her team ended up using it more like a giant Rolodex instead of its true purpose: an ad sales, production, and billing problem-solver.

Jackson didn’t necessarily have a problem with the product, but her vendor kept relentlessly explaining that The Springfield Business Journal was missing out. [Read more…]

How Welcome Home RGV Quadrupled Its Publishing Frequency – Haywire Turned Hallelujah!

Isn’t it wonderful to see a niche publication thrive and flourish? If a publication is amping up its publishing frequency, then it must be doing something right.whwtweekly_issue15feb3_issuu_0001

As it turns out, Welcome Home RGV, which caters to “Winter Texans” in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has a very engaged reader base. This regional niche publication went from monthly to weekly when it realized its leisure-hungry audience needs its social event calendar and news stories updated constantly – or at least far more frequently.

As romantic as this sounds, big changes aren’t easy. Getting from point A to point B can be an operational nightmare. After all, a monthly to weekly change theoretically equates to quadruple workload. Unless you plan on growing your staff four times larger, this can equate to a quadruple dose of stress.

Nevertheless, Welcome Home RGV’s President Kristi Collier had a plan: [Read more…]

What Chefs & Publishers Have In Common

In the challenging world of ad sales, wouldn’t it be nice to meet your annual sales quota as early as February? Or better yet, imagine exceeding it in mid-March by a whopping 20%.

Before you mumble “fat chance”, you may be surprised to learn this really happened to one of our new Magazine/Newspaper Manager clients. [Read more…]