How to Choose the Right CRM Tool for Your Magazine – Lessons from On Time Media

Tools that support growth are crucial if you want your media company to expand!

With so many CRM solution providers out there and constant advances in technology, what’s the best way to determine which provider is the best fit for your media business?

Here are some good guidelines to determine the right CRM tool for your magazine: [Read more…]

The Many Ways Publishers Can Earn Online Revenue!


Andy Kowl shares 29 different ways to create online revenue!

We recently came across an inspiring post in Publishing Executive by Andy Kowl and had to share. After realizing less than half the publishers he met can name even five ways to earn income directly from their websites, he identified 29 different ways his niche publishing clients are earning online revenue from their websites today!

This is especially important for print-centric publishers, thinking about growing company value. Companies with 80%+ revenue from print have sold for .5x revenue on average during the past couple of years. Companies “with more diverse revenue,” with print accounting for no more than 70%, sold for 1.2x – 1.5x revenue, all according to John McGovern, senior associate at W.B Grimes & Co. Imagine tripling company value.

Look at the content you produce as products. Here are 5 nuggets from Andy to get you started about content products, though the complete list includes many advertising and sponsorship products as well:

• Webinars are counted as one product whether they are sponsored or sold by the seat. If you sell subscriptions to a series, that’s another product. (+2)

• If you package data as a one-off product, such as Lists, Directories or Market Reports, they all equal 1 product, thought there are many different delivery methods – print, eBooks, pdfs, even spreadsheets. If you sell access to ongoing, real time data in your market, that is definitely a separate product. (+2)

• Is your old content bringing in cash? Selling hard copies of back issues won’t make you rich; but it can’t hurt. The other side of the coin is charging for access to your online content archives. (+2 products)

• Site Licensing is a huge business for some clients, with individual sales sometimes at a six figure price. On the other end of the spectrum some publishers put a price on individual articles of just $9.95; but people buying those articles often end up as bigger customers. (+2 more products)

So think about the myriad of ways you can sell online products on your magazine website. How many ways can you name? What new revenue stream can you capitalize on today? Andy’s full article can be read here: Tallying many ways publishers earn online revenue


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More about Andy: Andy Kowl is a journalist and entrepreneurial publisher with more than 30 years developing, marketing and growing publishing companies. He is senior vice president of publishing strategy for ePublishing Inc., the leading enterprise publishing system (EPS) provider which manages content, audience data, workflow, newsletters and e-commerce for more than 600 B2B publications.



Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau–Niche Media’s Grand Poobah–also created a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events:  Check it out!

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TMB’s Audience Universe is a Real PLUM!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that innovation and creativity is only in the glamour industries with the name brand publishers. TMB Publications, Inc. out of Chicago a niche provider of high value and diverse content from the plumbing industry is shaking up an industry that is as established as you can get!


TMB Publications, Inc. knows the importance of mastering audience data!

As the long time publisher of successful niche print titles including Plumbing Engineering, PHC News and The Wholesaler, Cate Brown, VP of TMB Publications, realized that even her industry and audience behaviors were changing with the times. Her vision was to re-invent TMB built upon its rich heritage and brand in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry but modernize its go to market strategy.

Like many of her niche peers, she realized that at the heart of the publishing revolution sits audience data: the rich amount of demographic, behavioral and contextual information being created by the audience everywhere they touch the TMB brands. But as a niche publisher, with limited resources and a fairly defined audience, how could TMB pull it off? [Read more…]

Super-Targeted Marketing Starts with Quality Data!

In the travel industry, real-time data and information is critical to the success of many of the world’s top travel brands. Enter Northstar Travel MediaTravelWeekly, the #1 B2B Information & Marketing Solutions Provider to the Travel Industry. Northstar delivers an award-winning portfolio of integrated platforms, including magazines, websites, databases, online subscription resources, and conferences & events. Also, Northstar is a leader providing marketing services, content licensing, and database management.

But while the need for quality research, data, and content is always the goal at Northstar, so too is the speed at which they achieve it. How have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? Northstar knows it’s audience and carries a willingness to apply different strategies and techniques to serve their markets. [Read more…]

A Minor Ambition – “Minor Times” is Niched Out Magazine of the Month

 "Minor Times" is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

“Minor Times” is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

Could it have been my unsuccessful attempts to buy a dilapidated Morris Minor Traveller at the tender age of 13, much to my parent’s horror? Or was it when John Noakes (Blue Peter fame), in his series, ‘Go with Noakes’, placed an advert in a shop window selling his beloved Morris Minor Convertible? I didn’t stop crying for a week and never quite forgave him! All I know is that I’ve been into Morris Minors for as long as I can remember.

A few years later, I was buying a variety of classic car magazines and soon realized a ‘niche’ might exist for an E-magazine dedicated solely to the Morris Minor. Tony Aston, an extremely talented website designer came on board and created a superb website. [Read more…]

Buyer’s Guide “Storefront” Commands Top Dollar

It is the rare niche publication that receives more than $1,000 for an annual online buyers’ guide listing. Even with a print component, not many charge more than $2,000 per year without bundling in a display ad. The typical online directory has not changed much from its print origins. Most offer company name, address, website link and a cursory list of products.

"Microwave Journal"

“Microwave Journal” has had amazing success positioning their online directory as a storefront!

Microwave Journal (MWJ) takes this to an entirely different level, positioning theirs as a “storefront” and charging $7,000 per year. They call their buyer’s guide a “source for the latest product announcements (and) industry news,” rather than just a product listing. All companies in their markets are given free listings to be sure this is a comprehensive source, said editor Pat Hindle. Discounts are offered to magazine advertisers. [Read more…]

Big Science Media Success with Genome Magazine!

Genome_cover2014 was a great year for Susan McClure and Big Science Media! In its first year of publication with Genome magazine, Big Science Media, based out of Plano, Texas, took home the gold for two Folio Awards! At Subscription Genius, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Big Science Media over the past year. Susan and her team display constant creativity and a true passion for their mission at every turn.

Big Science Media’s Genome magazine covers an array of health care topics, focusing on the development of personalized medicine and the genomic revolution that’s changing the face of health care. Susan and the Genome team took home the Folio Eddie award for best full issue in consumer health care/ medical/ nursing for their Spring 2014 issue and the Folio Eddie award for the best consumer single article in health care/ medical/ nursing for “Change your Microbiome, Change Yourself.” Susan and her team have mastered a mixture of compelling content, captivating scope, impactful design, and a personal touch that has been recognized by Folio as a leader in its field. [Read more…]

Jeff Bruss and the Digital Rate Card Discounts of Doom!

Jeff Bruss makes the case for sticking to your digital rate card for long-term sales success.

Several years ago I wrote a brief piece for the Niched Out News titled “My Rate Card Can Beat up Your Rate Card” that boldly predicted those who stuck with their rates through the doom and gloom of the 2009 print advertising recession could still remain victorious without offering discounts. So, would I change my rate card opinion now?

Absolutely not.

We learned that not only do we have to stick to a published rate, we need to recognize the value in all of our offerings. As we progress into a truly digital age, our “rate cards” are more important than ever before. Our advertisements are not commodities like oil or gold where price can be dictated by supply and demand or a tumultuous Middle East. I view price slashing as a last-ditch effort to right a sinking ship. I know of very few – if any – examples of lowering prices being an effective method to keep a business successfully operating. The prices we set must always cover our expenses – labor, printing, mailing, circulation, etc. and provide a reasonable profit – or in the end we’ll go belly-up.

Fast-forward to 2015 and now we’re being asked to negotiate rates on our digital offerings, [Read more…]

Ad Sales Tips from the Experts: Are you a Sales Introvert or an Extrovert?


Here are some expert tips for introverts and extroverts….working together for a winning sales team!

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? This can make a BIG difference in how you handle being part of an A-Sales team.

Experts Don Nichols and Ed Coburn gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Niche Digital Conference about various types of people that make up super sales teams. It’s all about learning ways to be effective and successful within a team environment.

Here are some of their quick tips on how to be your best in a top sales team environment:

If you’re an Introvert on an Extrovert team: [Read more…]

Selling Beyond Price: Ad Sales Wisdom from Dave Friedman


Here’s some sage sales advice from Associate Publisher and Ad Sales veteran Dave Friedman.

You have the appointment with a hot ad sales prospect…now what? How do you land that big new advertising account?

I love to read about new pitch styles and closing techniques from various self-proclaimed sales gurus hoping it will make me a better salesman. Over the years I’ve tried most of the suggested techniques at one time or another. I may prefer to deny this fact, but I’ve earned my stripes in this business now and I’ve come to learn that the more we think sales techniques need to change, the more I realize it’s just the toys that change – the basics remain the same.

As Associate Publisher and Sales Manager of Randall Publications LLC I’ve been around the ad sales block a few times.  I’ve become a self-proclaimed sales pundit; after all, I must have learned something doing this for the past 33 years! In my experience, successful ad sales is all about selling beyond price. [Read more…]