Why Engagement Rocks and Impression-Driven Marketing Sucks

Media and technology advances change the sales landscape faster than most of us can fathom.  Salespeople may use the aforementioned as an excuse, but savvy sales pros leverage this phenomenon to their advantage, solidifying themselves as the “expert media guru” (Niche Media 101).

Real World Example: Seven weeks ago, a prospect asked us to help promote a football training camp that would be held during Spring Break, just five weeks away. Of course, they only had $500 in the budget. Yes, I thought what you’re thinking right now – Good luck.

After a quick review of the prospect’s social media profile, we developed a five-month engagement-based campaign using the upcoming camp as a launch event. Although the camp had few new sign-ups, the facility grew their weekly training from 40 to 110 in the weeks leading up to spring break. At the client’s request, we’re now preparing an annual comprehensive engagement-based marketing campaign. We sold services to the prospect and turned $500 into a nice 5-figure monthly agreement. [Read more…]