Are you making B.A.D. decisions?

In the hectic fast-paced world of niche publishing, we are often jumping from deadline to deadline and decision to decision without stopping to ask one basic, fundamental question. Am I using all of the information that is available to me to make the right decisions for the growth of my business?Meister Media Logo

One important value proposition message that media firms have consistently brought to their target markets is the importance of having the richest, highest-value and most desirable content available. Here at Meister Media Worldwide, we have a similar objective to provide research, content and industry insight to the markets we serve.

Our commitment to the highest level of quality to the markets we serve (specialized agricultural crops, ornamentals and crop inputs) has elevated us to a leadership position that we work hard to cultivate and maintain. Today, the development, curation and distribution of great content alone are no longer enough to sustain our status as a destination source in our vertical markets.

To succeed in publishing today, you not only need exceptional content, but you also must leverage the abundant data and insight from your audience interactions to constantly be providing greater value to your target market(s).

At Meister Media we have implemented the use of what is called the Unified Audience Database (UAD) provided by our partner, Knowledge Marketing. The database contains all of our readers’ demographic data (name, address, job titles, etc.), behavioral data (subscriptions, downloads, registrations, open and click rates, etc.) and interests (articles read, topics of interest, etc.) on a single platform.

The UAD, which we like to refer to as the Big Audience Database (B.A.D.), allows us to make informed decisions based on factors such as our readers’ areas of interest, the type of products and content that are performing best and the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaigns we create and execute.

At our fingertips, we can target very specific audience segments that have a precise profile, patterns of behavior and areas of interest to make sure we are giving readers exactly what they want. We use our data to brainstorm new products and services for both our audience and our clients. By using this information, we are approaching our advertisers with a significant amount of insight about our markets that expands far beyond the obvious data dimensions included in collecting demographic information.

Imagine the power and influence you can wield in your own niche market when you combine the unique and wonderful content only you can create with incredible insight and intelligence about reader interest, audience behavior and campaign performance.

Media firms have spent a great many years guessing what our readers want and the overall effectiveness of the campaigns we execute for our clients. We predominantly have made strategic and product decisions based on our gut instincts. Many of these decisions have turned out great while others haven’t been quite as successful.

When it involves knowledge, Meister Media Worldwide is proud of the “B.A.D. decisions” we now make. We are more integrated in our approach to serving our customers, and we are excited about the future these decisions will create for our company in the years to come.

Download this Today's Publishing Executive infographic from Knowledge Marketing, proud sponsors of this month's publisher success story.

Download this Today’s Publishing Executive infographic from Knowledge Marketing, proud sponsors of this month’s publisher success story.


By Jim Cowart, Director of Audience Development, Meister Media Worldwide. This publisher success story is sponsored by Knowledge Marketing.


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