Ad Sales Mission Possible: Save the Day with Research!


Save your advertiser’s day with the ultimate weapon: Research!

Can you imagine your clients desperately needing you to save the day? Do they call you a bunch now because they know you are a trusted resource?  If not, do you know how to become so indispensable that your clients can’t imagine not working with you?

Here are 4 ways research can be your ultimate magazine ad sales weapon: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: “No” Can Lead to “Yes!”


Yeah, this prospect so wants to say “No.” But you can overcome it with Nancy’s tips for handling objections.

“No money.”    
“Too expensive!”
“Timing isn’t right.”
“We tried it before and it didn’t work.”

We can’t avoid them, but almost every sales call with a prospect has them.

I’m talking about objections. And I’m going to tell you why they are actually a good thing in the sales process. So how do we learn to handle them? [Read more…]

Paid Content: How Do You Know Your Ad Customer Wants It?


This ad salesperson developed an awesome paid content program for his customers. What are you waiting for?

The ad game has shifted and salespeople are not just selling advertising anymore! Paid content programs offer the opportunity for advertisers to pay publishers to create and distribute content for them, rather than just an advertisement.

Consider that many of your customers may not even know they want (or need) paid content. Why? Because they probably think of paid content as an old-fashioned, one-time advertorial that blurs the lines and looks cheesy.

It’s a brave new world in sponsored advertising models. Are you maximizing all these paid content opportunities for your customers? [Read more…]

A Quick How-to On Handling Ad Sales Objections


Objections can be a good thing! Ad Sales expert Nancy O’Brien tells us why.

I am going to suggest something crazy: Objections are actually good in the sales process. Why would I say such a thing? Because almost every sales call will have some objections. We can’t avoid them, but we CAN learn how to handle them well. In the process you will learn a lot about what your prospect really needs.

We know that sales is all about building relationships. You begin that process by listening to your customers objections and empathizing with them. Only then can you show them how you will help them solve their problems….. and ultimately earn their trust.

Common objections from clients: (I bet you can add some!) [Read more…]

Sell More Ads with Surveys, Service and NOT Selling!

Nancy O’Brien is the ultimate ad sales pro. In addition to her Associate Publisher responsibilities and traveling the globe for her magazine and industry, Nancy is always at the leading edge in niche magazine ad sales. (Somehow we are able to snag Nancy every year from her busy schedule to help lead our conference sales training workshops, too.)


Kick off your ad sales week with great advice from Nancy O’Brien.

Nancy knows niche magazine ad sales in her bones and she always does her homework. Here’s a quick pick-me-up to jolt your Monday morning routine:

First, don’t we all talk about doing surveys all the time? Check this out and make it happen this week:  Just the Facts Ma’am – Better Magazine Ad Sales Research with Surveys [Read more…]

Sell More Advertising…By Informing, NOT Trying to Sell!

One of the biggest mistakes that I see ad sales people make is they spend most of their time just dialing for dollars, trying to sell the next issue that’s coming right up. That’ s a reactive plan. What you need to be a truly effective ad sales pro is a proactive sales plan!


Learn how to become invaluable to your advertisers by helping, not selling.

Just think how much easier your job would be if the companies you call on are all eager to hear from you and will stop what they are doing just to talk to you!

How can you create this selling environment and give your ad sales revenue a kick in the pants?

One of the secrets to successful ad sales is to position yourself as a marketing consultant.  Your primary job is to provide customers and prospects with pertinent, valuable marketing information that will help the customer do their job better.

The best way to do this is to become an expert in your niche. Give them concrete analytics about your magazine’s audience and their customers and how you think they would engage best with your advertiser’s product and why. [Read more…]

Give Smaller Advertisers What They Need and Make a Customer for Life!


Get creative with these 2 ideas:
It will brighten your ad sales results!

Large, sophisticated advertisers and agencies know the value of long-term strategies using several media platforms for their advertising message, but let’s face it: most of us are dealing with small to medium-sized companies who look at their advertising budget month to month.

To sell integrated ad packages to these clients, we have to educate our customers and help them implement effective, integrated marketing campaigns with a consistent message across a wide range of media options.

This means transforming our ad sales approach from reps selling advertising to marketing consultants offering research, creative solutions, and a customized One-Stop-Shop for clients’ multimedia advertising.

Here are two ideas submitted by fellow publishers and ad sales professionals to help supercharge your advertisers’ multi-media campaigns: [Read more…]

Just the Facts, Ma’am – Better Magazine Ad Sales Research with Surveys


Surveys are an important tool in your ad sales tool kit!

In case you haven’t noticed, the business of selling advertising has changed. I remember fondly the days when selling ads meant “print” ads and the most sophisticated question was, “How many readers do you have, and what does it cost?” Now clients say, “I want a data driven understanding of the influence your readers have over the buying process.” Huh? Say what?

In our data-driven world, surveys are a powerful way to gather information to make a successful sales pitch to today’s client. Your advertiser doesn’t want to know how much it costs or how many impressions he’ll get. He is looking for a multi-media platform to promote to people who are proven to have influence to buy his product. He wants to know what your readers consider to be the most reliable way to learn about his products and what convinces them to make that purchase.

First, choose a way to build and distribute your survey. I use Survey Monkey but there are many other services. You can even get add-ons for Facebook and other social media sites. Plumb your various email lists, distribute through your Facebook page, or use your website to reach the target the group for your survey. Keep them simple and short, and make sure to let participants know how much you appreciate their time! Here are some sample questions from a ten-question survey to select e-newsletter subscribers: [Read more…]