Don’t Undersell the Importance–and Value–of Your First-Party Data


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from your own niche websites!

Audience data has become a valuable commodity in the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers continue to gobble up “third-party” data from online publications and other websites, which data management platforms (DMPs) collect and aggregate into audience segments that are sold through automated exchanges. BlueKai, one of the leading DMP vendors, has compiled close to 1 billion customer profiles, according to The Economist.

But many niche publishers are ignoring an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from their own websites. Your community represents a premium audience for the advertisers in the niche you represent. The “first-party” data you collect as these visitors spend time on your website and share information with you is the real gold for audience targeting and other advanced ad products and services.

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It’s Time To Embrace The ‘Brand As Publisher’ Trend


Hop on the Brandwagon! Rob O’Regan shares some solid reasons why the “brand as publisher” trend shows no sign of fizzling. 

While big-name brands, from American Express and LinkedIn to Red Bull and Tesco, are aggressively building their own media engines, most small and even midsized companies lack the skills and other resources needed to consistently create and distribute quality content. The top content marketing challenges that B2B marketers at small businesses face, according to the Content Marketing Institute, are producing a variety of engaging content and producing it consistently. But they press on: 74% of those marketers said they are producing more content than they were a year ago. [Read more…]

‘Digital’ Is NOT a Product!


Build your digital ecosystem!

Digital is not a product. Digital is an ecosystem of many channels – web, mobile, social – that magazine publishers use for building and serving an audience. From a business standpoint, the products and services you offer to advertisers must be tuned to meet the diverse needs and activities of readers in each of these channels.

For years, publishers have seen print dollars – high-margin advertising programs – slowly eroded by digital dimes – low-margin, commoditized search and banner advertising. So in order to drive profits going forward, you need to stack a lot of dimes.

The best way to stack dimes is with a diversified portfolio of products and services that generate either advertiser or reader revenue – along with a strategy for selling integrated, multi-channel programs. [Read more…]