Grow Your Revenues with this One Number!

Have you noticed lately that every time you make a purchase from a clothing store or stay at a hotel, you get a follow-up email from the company asking you about your experience? If you have, you’re not alone.

These companies were probably inquiring about your interaction so they could calculate their Net Promoter Score. Net Promoter Scores are an easy and actionable way for businesses to measure customer experience and then react accordingly.

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Use Evergreen Content to Drive Revenue

Increase traffic and revenue with evergreen content!

How much of your content is related to current events? How much is timeless?

The most successful content strategy includes a mixture of timely news and “evergreen” informational articles with a long shelf life.

Evergreen content stays relevant over time and accumulates traffic for your site. Evergreen content can be produced once, and monetized multiple different ways. Archives of evergreen content provide an excellent basis for paid content products, such as digital memberships.

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Planning for 2017? 7 Strategy Questions to Answer

Are you asking yourself the right questions as you plan for 2017?

Before you wind down for the holidays, make sure you answer these questions so you can hit the ground running in 2017.

  1. What is your “breakthrough experiment” for 2017?

If you aren’t innovating with new products, you’re dying. 88% of Fortune 500 companies have gone out of business over the past 50 years… unless you’re trying new things, you’re jeopardizing your future.

You need to try at least one new thing each year. Don’t expect it to be an automatic winner at the start – view your investment in something fresh as an experiment. You will learn how to make it into a success once you try it, measure the results, and correct course accordingly. [Read more…]

Where Should I Put My Paywall?


Trying to figure out what paywall strategy works best for your magazine? Expert Rob Ristagno shares his insights.

When publishers start charging for digital memberships, there is often an initial fear that traffic will plummet. Where you actually put the paywall barrier is an extremely important strategic decision. Leadership needs to balance various business objectives: advertising, affiliate marketing, lead acquisition, and of course direct monetization through membership subscription fees.  

The Paywall Options

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Don’t Just Slap Up a Paywall. First, Define Your Digital Value Proposition.


Don’t leave $$$ on the table! CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights on defining your Digital Value Proposition.

Research shows content creators leave over a billion dollars per year on the table by not offering digital membership programs. These membership programs include access to premium content and, potentially, other products, services, and benefits. The challenge is: you can’t just put up a paywall and hope customers will pay for your gated content.

You need to thoughtfully develop a value proposition for your digital membership program.

ConversionXL, a digital consultancy, explains, “value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.”

I concur. I’ve experienced at least double digit growth when I’ve worked with brands to refine their value proposition and how it is communicated.

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Have You Hugged a “Whale” Today?


“Whale” clients can be critical to your niche media business!

No, I’m not asking you to take a trip to Sea World and wrap your arms around Shamu. For us niche publishers, “Whales” are our most engaged and enthusiastic audience members. They usually only make up about 5% of our customer base, but they are critical to our long term success.

I decided to use the term “Whale” when I read about how Steve Wynn built his casino empire. In gambling, the highest rollers are nicknamed “Whales.” Wynn started by focusing on Baccarat Whales, which make up less than 0.2% of the gambling universe. Steve created an experience suited to their wants and needs. They came and brought their money and cachet along with them. Other gamblers followed. Wynn now makes over $5 billion per year! [Read more…]

Micropayments Versus Subscriptions For Digital Content


Micropayments or subscriptions for digital content? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights.

Publishers have gotten the message that they need to innovate to survive. Innovation can take several forms – new content areas, new products, new business models. As digital ad dollars grow scarcer, some publishers have turned to the idea of micropayments to monetize their web and mobile content. [Read more…]

Focus on Innovation, Not Cost Cutting, for Magazine Growth!

I’m working with a magazine CEO who has seen revenues fall 45% over the last five years. Until last year, she didn’t think she had a problem because she cut costs enough to keep profits flat. Then last year, the bottom fell out. Now, the company is at risk of going bankrupt.


CEO Rob Ristagno makes a strong case for new product development, especially if a media company wants to thrive!

While it’s important to keep lean cost structures in our industry, let’s not forget that cost cutting is not a long-term strategy! The only truly long-term growth strategy includes innovation and new product development.

New products are the lifeblood of an organization. If you don’t innovate, you will die. Don’t believe me? Out of the companies that were in the Fortune 500 in 1955, only 61 are still on the list. What are you doing to grow your top-line? [Read more…]

How Can You Lower Costs AND Increase Sales? Segment, Segment, Segment!


Want to lower marketing costs and increase sales? It’s all about segmentation!

Segmentation allows companies simultaneously to lower marketing costs and increase sales. The results speak for themselves. I have seen segmentation benefit many media firms and publishers. Actual outcomes include:

  • 50% increase in email conversion
  • 10 point increase in profit margins
  • 15% increase in sales
  • $300,000 reduction in marketing spend without affecting sales

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Think Differently to Monetize Digital Content


Leaving $$ on the table? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights on how to monetize your digital content.

Many media executives complain that their audience is not willing to pay for digital content. Publishers often cite a 10% rule of thumb, meaning only one out of ten print subscribers pay for a digital replica.

However, we have found that people will pay for content if it’s done right. In fact, last year, spending on online content access increased by 31%, and the New York Times exceeded one million paid digital subscribers.

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