2016 Nichee Award Winners Announced!

Nichee_Logo_ColorWe’re excited to announce the 2016 Nichee Award winners!

NICHEE Winners 2016

These twelve magazines demonstrate excellence in the niche media space and have really dialed in on their niche market. Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Award bash in Austin, TX! The 2016 winners are: [Read more…]

Blogs and Podcasts for Niche Media Publishers!


President Thomas Jefferson was an avid reader. Find some time to follow what’s happening in niche media!

Our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, has a birthday tomorrow. He LOVED, loved, loved reading and books so much that when the original Library of Congress was attacked by British troops and all the books were burned, Jefferson offered his personal library — over 6,400 books — as replacement.

Reading books in the office may not be terribly practical these days, but you should set aside some time for your own personal education. In that same spirit here are some of our fav blogs and podcasts that we think niche media publishers should be following: [Read more…]

Niche Media IS the News!


Niche media is making news. Read what people in publishing are talking about now.

It’s true–being niche is the news. Latest stories on new launches, new types of publishers and different kinds of business models, read all about it:

Editor’s gotta brand new mag
Or tea bag, that is. Long-time editor launches new mag via Kickstarter. From TalkingNewMedia: Veteran editor unveils Kickstarter campaign to launch new digital magazine Tea Journey [Read more…]

Do You Send an E-newsletter to Your Advertisers? Don’t Make it a Big Fat Bore!


Don’t create a boring advertiser newsletter! Here’s Ryan’s top tips to make your advertisers wake up and take notice!

An inbox ho-hum. A yawner. Scan one second, delete…..delete…

We’ve all received that big snoozer of an e-newsletter, right?

First tip: Do you send an e-newsletter to your advertisers? If not, do it today. It’s another great way to reach out to your database and make that connection.

And if you are already sending out an e-newsletter to your clients, do they even read it? Is it so good they immediately call you wanting more information? If not, try shakin’ things up. We consulted sales expert and trainer Ryan Dohrn to find out what makes a good ad sales e-newsletter even better. [Read more…]

Great Idea of the Week: Use Your Online Media to Promote Your Print!


Have you used your online media to promote your print product? If not, check this out from autoblog.com.

We are always on alert to share a great idea with our readers.

As the media worlds of print and digital continue to meld, there are new opportunities out there to reach your audience and drive revenues. Sometimes publishers choose to view their online and print audiences as distinctly separate–and that could be a missed opportunity.

Great idea #1: Have you blogged on your magazine’s website about all the reasons why your readers should still love their print? [Read more…]

5 Smart Tips for Sales: How to Boost Revenue Today!


Here’s 5 smart sales tips for creating new revenue streams.

Are you scratching your head this morning, wondering what new revenue idea is out there that you haven’t tried? (Or pitched to management….) Better yet, are there some great ideas you’ve just been meaning to get around to implementing but never seem to have the time?

You might be doing some of these five, but are you currently doing ALL of them? There’s no time like the present, niche ad sales pros!

Here are 5 smart tips for salespeople on how to boost revenue:

[Read more…]

Expand Your Niche Media Brand! An interview with Joe Pulizzi


CMI’s Joe Pulizzi talks about new ways niche magazines can leverage their content and expand their brand.

Are you uncertain about finding new growth opportunities for the next two months to two years? And if you do decide where to invest your valuable time and budget, is it certain you will get the ROI you need? We asked Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute (named the fastest growing business media company in North America by Inc. magazine), to talk about ways to drive new revenue growth and expand your niche media brand. [Read more…]

Niche Media News: Mobile & Custom & Banners, Oh My!


We’ve scoured the news for insights for the world of niche publishing!

We scoured the web to bring you the latest news in niche publishing. From social media to banner success to custom products:

Digital nichey-ness
Seize the day–“Savvy online marketers have already accustomed themselves to the notion of covering specialized networks and offering more unique content, but the need to specialize and offer more value to a specific niche has never been greater.”  From Business2Community: How social media marketing is set to change in 2016 [Read more…]

Advertisers and Readers: How Do Publishers Keep ’em Both Happy?


How best to keep readers and advertisers happy in a shifting media landscape? Here are 5 points to consider.

Give readers the niched-out content they want and you’ll build a strong, devoted audience. Give advertisers meaningful and measurable access to your audience and you’ll see ad revenue jump.

What’s changed? Multi-platform media. Readers can consume content in a wide variety of ways, including print, online, apps, videos, podcasts, events and more.

So how the heck do you keep your advertisers happy without scaring off or irritating your readers with all these new opportunities?

Here are 5 points to consider as you strategize how best to please both worlds: [Read more…]

Ad Sales “Segmentation” – Selling for Fun and Profit!


Don’t just rely on your CRM to do the strategizing for you. Drill deep with Carl’s 5 steps to segmentation success!

As an ad salesperson, you should always be looking for some new way to reach out to your clients/prospects. I’m a huge proponent of selling advertising and sponsorships by product and services segments. You can sell this way by first drilling deep down into your CRM’s categories. This will enable you to super-target your various segments and create the messaging that produces results.

Here’s how I do it in 5 steps: [Read more…]