SO Many Smart Reasons to Attend the 2016 Niche Digital Conference!

 “I can’t possibly unchain myself from my desk. Who has the time?”


1. YOU need to get yourself out of your office and learn from industry experts about what’s working, what’s not and what’s cutting edge—in order to thrive in niche publishing. No excuses.

2. You will learn tons of new, revenue-generating takeaways to implement back at the office!

3. The 2016 Niche Digital Conference will be held in super-fun Denver this year. It’s the perfect match—digital publishing revenue opportunities are exploding and so is Denver’s Downtown! In addition to LODO, the Mile-High City boasts Union Station, Larimer Square.

4. Registration today means you get it all! You get EVERYTHING – Conference admission to ALL sessions, 2 Keynotes, breakfast each day, lunch each day,  the Niche Orientation Party, Niche Mile High Welcome Reception, Digital Nichee Awards Party and access to ALL speaker presentations.

5. picture-688 Learn how to Stop Giving Away Your Audience! Hear startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder (and visionary) Jay Acunzo talk about transforming passive readership into active customers and exponentially increasing revenue at the same time—and big time.


6. picture-689Brad Fayfield, Founder of Storm Mountain Media, will show niche publishers how digital and social channels can allow you to engage with your audience and communicate with unrivaled efficiency! Same as it Ever Was… Radical Digital Reach and Print “Magazine” Media


7. In addition to these inspiring keynotes, we have an all-star line-up of speakers and sessions covering everything  from monetizing video to revitalizing your email marketing to creating online courses that your audience and advertisers will love.

8. Did we mention that the Early Bird Discount Deadline is Thursday, August 25th?? And that you’ll save $300 if you register today?

9. The Niche Digital Conference provides tons of opportunities for you to make meaningful connections and cultivate new revenue ideas with your peers.

10. Niche Bonus: Boost your Digital Publishing Strategy at a Niche Hands-On Revenue Workshops!  Our hands-on 1/2-day workshops are 100% practical and revenue-generating. Choose from Creating Your Digital Transition Action PlanNative Advertising: Selling Paid Sponsor Content, and City & Regional Digital Strategy Action Plan.

11. Just for you, right now: 12 Quick Digital Revenue Ideas

12. And don’t forget the 2016 Nichee Awards. Find your place in the sun among your digital publishing peers! (And yes, there’s a fun party too.)

13. To top it all off? The conference is going to be held at the Embassy Suites. Can you say a free made-to-order breakfast, evening cocktail hour, and your own two-room suite? This beautiful hotel is steps from downtown Denver’s Performing Arts Complex, 16th Street Mall, Larimer Square, multiple sports venues  and more!


Don’t miss out because you waited until the last minute!

You know you need to do it and that your brand is worth it. What are you waiting for?

Registration NOW means you get it all!

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Lean, Mean and High Energy – a Story of Whitaker Publishing’s Success

417 Magazine serves 130,000 readers in Southwest Missouri within the same area code. The monthly print and digital lifestyle magazine, quarterly Home and bi-annual Bride publications, website, six weekly e-newsletters, 20 events and rich social media presence together make up today’s Whitaker Publishing Company, which is flourishing.

417 Magazine

417 Magazine has created a high-energy culture!

The 417 Magazine of the past was not so healthy when Whitaker Publishing Company purchased it in 2001, according to Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre. That difficult period “fostered a culture with a start-up vibe and energy [that] kept us lean, mean and high energy.” Today, all Whitaker employees share in the profits of the company, focusing everyone on the bottom line. [Read more…]

Find Your Audience-Centric Ad Sales Mojo


Publisher Geoff Hird helps us find our audience-centric mojo.

We recently had the chance to interview Geoff Hird, Publisher of Westwick-Farrow Media. Geoff is a strong advocate of multiple media platforms and engaging with and influencing targeted audience groups. (He is also passionate about magazine media, surfing and his family – but not necessarily in that order.)

We asked him to share some key strategies with us on how to make that change from slogging along in the traditional ad sales way to soaring to new heights with a focus on audience.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you share with us some real life tips for niche publishers for shifting from ads and brands to being audience-centric?

Geoff: It really must start with the underbelly of your publishing business. The key lies in building (or buying) a CRM/operational system that allows easy access to subscriber data across each of your brands (magazine/newsletter/website), and across your business as a whole. If you cannot easily extract and sort subscriber data (preferably in real time), then an audience-centric sales model is not really an option. If as a publisher you do have this type of access to your audience, the next challenge is putting together some simple one-pager marketing sheets for your sales team and starting the education process with them. Some will get it immediately, some will get it in time, and some will just not get it – and that latter part of your team may well need to be moved on over time. [Read more…]

Making Niche Publishing History: The Philadelphia Magazine Story


Bernard McCormick’s “The Philadelphia Magazine Story” has some magazine publishing insights to teach us.

Every once in a while it’s important to look back where we came from in order to understand where we’re headed. Acclaimed writer, editor and publisher Bernard McCormick recently published a “bookazine,” The Philadelphia Magazine Story, about a magazine–but it’s also a fascinating glimpse into the history of niche magazine publishing, too.

The Philadelphia Magazine Story is a moving tribute to the publishing of Philadelphia, a magazine pioneer 60 years ago. As one of the first regional/city magazines in the nation, the magazine broke through the barriers of the time to emerge as a powerhouse. McCormick takes us through the tumultuous 1960’s to the excess of the 1980’s to today’s media world –with keen insight into truly great publishing. [Read more…]

We’re Off to the Niche Digital Conference! Here’s Some Great Ideas Until We Get Back.

NIM141 ND pub logo 2013Team Niche is leaving today for the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville, TN. We’re exhausted, excited, nervous, and elated all at the same time!

Great things always come from our conference attendees and speakers, so we can’t wait to see what great ideas are shared this time. We promise to bring back a bundle of great revenue ideas for niche media companies to share with the niche world. For now, here’s some of the great ideas that have come out of past conferences. We hope you can apply a few to your own magazine!

50 Revenue Ideas for Niche Magazine Publishers

15 Digital Revenue Ideas for Niche Magazines [Read more…]

L.A. Parent’s Training Wheels Come Off

June 2013 LAParent CoverIn the Los Angeles area, L.A. Parent is all things family. From what to do on weekends to raising children with special needs, L.A. Parent provides families with educational and entertaining content. The award-winning publication recently found itself under new management and in need of an integrated CRM software solution to grow with it.

When Ron Epstein purchased the company in December 2012, he was already familiar with The Magazine Manager® from a former publishing role. He needed to lead their magazine, digital edition and National Parenting Publication Awards into the 21st century. What sealed the deal was The Magazine Manager’s integration with QuickBooks for invoicing. [Read more…]

Nashville – Our Favorite City for Niche Fun!

Landau guitar

There’s a lot to see and do in Nashville, but don’t forget that the city is all about music!

Hi y’all. I know the Niche Digital Conference is not until the end of September, but we recently took a trip to Nashville and just have to share how much I love this place. Even if you can’t join us for the conference, check out this amazing city!

Seriously, Nashville is so cool. They have their own unique vibe there. It’s the home of Country Music (and all kinds of other music, too). There’s the Grand Ole Opry, the best BBQ ever, and people singing around the clock, every day. What more could you ask for? Just be ready to party Nashville Style. [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Primitive Quilts and Projects

Each month the team here at Niche Media picks an outstanding niche magazine to highlight. This month’s pick: Primitive Quilts and Projects, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the primitive quilter, rug hooker, and stitcher.  It is published by Homespun Media, LLC, a company owned by sisters Jeni Gaston, Gretchen Streeter, and Judy Williamson. Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine Cover

Each issue features at least 15 projects by some of the most admired designers in the primitive fiber arts world.  Patterns and instructions for quilts, hooked rugs, wool appliqué, and other primitive crafts provide most of the content.  The look and feel of the magazine truly stands out…high-quality photography and must-make designs printed on on high-quality paper to make their featured projects shine.  They also highlight the charitable work that takes place in the quilting world, and their mother, Mary Falcsik writes a fun advice column in “Ask Mom.”

What are “primitive” quilts and projects? Gretchen Streeter explains: “Very simply, the word “primitive” just means un-trained.  So, primitive anything is just a very simply done project.  It doesn’t mean sloppy or unskilled…it just might not be geometric or proportionate.  The words “folk art” are often lumped in, and that brings images of home, hand-made and the simple things.  In our first issue, we asked all of the contributing designers to answer that question.  It was interesting to read different takes on the idea!” [Read more…]

Take Your Time Back! Lauren Publications Streamlined Sales & Production with The Magazine Manager

Dallas Child Magazine

Lauren Publications’ Dallas Child Magazine is determined to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving.

Lauren Publications, which publishes 5 regional magazines targeting mothers 25-54 and hosts numerous events, is on a mission to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving to better all of their products for their readers and advertisers. To this end they are keeping in step with the digital trends and innovations in the magazine publishing industry: increasing their social media presence, using email blasts to actively grow their base, and developing a mobile app and tablet edition. Combine this with a conversational, engaging tone, a passion for being a trusted resource for their readers, and a prime target demographic for advertisers and you have the magic formula for niche publishing success.

“Change is good,” said Sales Development Director Alison Davis, “We refuse to stay the status quo and evolve continually to better ourselves and our organization.” This doesn’t just mean adding snazzy digital content – it also means trying new ways of doing things, particularly as their publications grow. Lauren Publications uses The Magazine Manager (TMM) to streamline both production and sales. [Read more…]

Bird Watcher’s Digest – From Living Room to Worldwide Reach in 35 Years (Niched Out Magazine of the Month)

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine. This month’s Niched Out Magazine of the Month is Bird Watcher’s Digest. Bird Watchers Digest coverThis birder’s bible is a true family business – Bird Watcher’s Digest was started in the living room of the Thompson family in Marietta, Ohio in 1978. Their initial direct mail effort netted a 30% response!

Today the magazine and its many birdy tentacles deliver content to bird lovers all over the world in a tremendous variety of ways. Its menagerie of bird-based products could fill an aviary: the flagship print magazine (conveniently pocket-sized for taking into the field), newsletters, books, booklets, digital editions, an app, websites, e-newsletters, e-blasts, podcasts and blogs, custom content, and special birding events. Talk about reaching readers, and finding new ones, through every medium they can! (Niche publishers, take note! Using multiple media channels – and having specialized, branded content for each channel – is the future of magazines.) [Read more…]