The Best of Niche Magazines in the Digital Space: 2015 Digital Nichee Award Winners Announced!

2015 Digital Nichee Award winners

The 2015 Digital Nichee Award winners

The 2015 Digital Nichee Award winners were announced on September 30 in Savannah, GA at the Niche Digital Conference. These awards recognize the best in digital innovation in the niche magazine publishing space.

Here is what made the winners special:

Shutter Magazine: Best Niche Digital Edition. Our best Niche Digital Edition winner is the leading professional photography magazine in the industry. This digital magazine is fully multimedia and interactive — not simply a PDF replica of print.

Bloomberg Brief Bitcoin: Best Niche Digital Supplement. Specifically designed as a comprehensive supplement to provide arguments for and against BitCoin. This was not simply a PDF of content from the magazine but unique digital content that reached an audience of 7M and had 85,000 PDF downloads. Designed to be mobile-friendly, our judges were hugely impressed by this supplement which takes full advantage of the digital medium.

Smart Meetings: Best Niche E-Newsletter. This enewsletter is an outstanding source of information in its vertical, with quality content packaged in a truly mobile-friendly package. The content, which speaks directly to the needs of influential meeting professionals, also provides quality opportunities for sponsorship to drive revenue.

Country Roads: Best Niche Consumer Website (<50K monthly users). Published digitally for 10 years, this site is characterized by the quality of its content — from editorial, to photography, to video. Our winning website makes great use of technology, with particular emphasis on high quality compelling video — with a brilliant marriage of content and tech to bring South Louisiana alive for residents and visitors.

Campaigns & Elections: Best Niche B2B Website (<50K monthly users). I’m delighted to announce the winner of our best Niche B2B Website, under 50K users. This site has a strong design, with with a user interface that ensures visitors can not only can easily navigate the site but also have access to a great set of user tools. The responsive / mobile-friendly design ensures that readers can get the info they need no matter where they are. Finally, heading into what is assuredly going to be a crazy election season, we need this resource now more than ever.

Little Rock Soiree: 2015 Best Niche Consumer Website (>50K monthly users). This website uses compelling stories and captivating photosgraphy to capture the spirit of the community it serves. captures the style and culture of O.K. on mobile, decent design, good social utilization

LEDs Magazine: 2015 Best Niche B2B Website (>50K monthly users B2B). Our winner offers outstanding online solution to deliver advertisers’ messages alongside relevant editorial to influential & engaged decision-makers. Our judges were hugely impressed by our winner’s Advertiser-centric design and their strong tools for readers.

More information on the winners can be found on the award page.


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