Divide and Conquer: Email Marketing Segmentation!

 By Melanie Kirin,

32.4% of US email marketers never or do not often use segmentation tactics when building lists for deployment. – JangoMail Email Marketing Survey. This is a huge missed opportunity.

You are different from your competitors.  Your customers are different from each other, too.  What they buy, how they buy, and why they buy are largely different, so to connect with them your messages must be about them – not about you.

So, how do you start segmenting your lists?  Segmentation can be derived from a vast number of variables, so start with what is most relevant to your market. To help get you started, here’s a list of some ways organizations have effectively segmented their lists.

1.  Prospect Vs. Customer
2.  Line of Business
3.  VIP Clients
4.  Time Purchase Patterns
5.  Click Rate & Open Rate Patterns
6.  Acquisition Channel
7.  Psychographic and Demographic

Have a technique that has worked well for you and your market? Talk about your segmentation successes and join the conversation @ LinkedIn.

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