Read All About It: E-Newsletter Checklist- Part I

E-newsletters are still a very essential role in content marketing strategies. If done correctly, e-newsletters are wonderful for maintaining audience attention as well as generating new leads. Creating an effective E-Newsletter for your niche publication can be somewhat difficult if you aren’t accustomed to it. We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks for putting together the ideal e-newsletter. In this section of our two part series, we will discuss the beginning steps of the process, take a look:

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Creating a good E-Newsletter involves various steps and actions.

  • Planning: Before you do anything else with your e-newsletter, it is crucial to have a solid plan for it. The last thing you want hitting a reader’s inbox is an unorganized E-Newsletter that will upset and confuse them. It is often best to plan your E-Newsletter strategy to match your overall content marketing strategy so that the audience feels the same tone and goals as they do in your publication.
  • Design and layout: After your initial planning is done, it is time to consider the design and layout for the e-newsletter. Create a streamline and organized E-Newsletter in order to get more out of readers. Stick to neutral colors and a good combination of pictures and text.
  • Readability: A well-designed e-newsletter is nothing without it being able to be read by audiences. In order to keep the content readable, keep paragraphs short and sweet and learn to summarize items rather than include everything. Also be sure the font type and size is consistent throughout and use bullets or other dividers to make scanning easier.
E-newsletters are a wonderful way to stay connected to your audiences while also giving them pieces of information they may not receive with the original publication.

Adapted from an article by George Passwater of Passwater Media and originally posted on the Content Marketing Institute blog here.

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  1. Ok, so a newsletter in addition to the publication. Now why didn’t I think of that?
    What is the major differences in a ‘blog’ and a ‘newsletter’? I think I know but want to get some experts thoughts.

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