20/20 #16: Linger Magazine – Challenge Your Audience!

Here’s our sixteenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days sharing their strategies for success):  Linger MagazineLinger‘s vital statistics:

PUBLICATION: Monthly Digital B2C, paid circulation, 10,000

Linger MagazineTARGET: Smart, fashion conscious individuals who are passionate about the fashion in their city and across the globe

BIG IDEA: Annual Themed Challenge to Industry Artists

We love competition, don’t we? Here’s a super-creative idea for a super-creative audience: Linger Magazine holds an Annual Themed-Pictorial Challenge every June that grows in anticipation and scope and continues to surpass the previous year by 50%. They challenge industry artists to create a couture/avant garde theme in a high fashion editorial with a creative team made up of only one photographer, one fashion designer, one fashion stylist, one make up artist, one model. That’s it, only one of each.  As you can imagine, website visits are at all time high during the June-August Challenge period and peak interest expands even more for months. Tiffany Tate, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, says the new revenue stream created from entries allows them to also donate part of the proceeds to a charity for homeless youth. Next year’s Challenge includes a plan to include industry experts as judges. I wonder if Heidi Klum is available?

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